The Netflix miniseries about Bill Gates that reveals his dark secrets

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The Netflix series that reveals Bill Gates' dark secrets

A notable feature of the documentary is the window it opens into Gates's personal life, showing the duality of a person who enjoys music and cinema and, at the same time, one of the brightest minds that fueled the great technological advances between the 20th and 21st centuries.

“Inside Bill's Brain: Decryption.” Bill Gates(known in Netflix The Spanish-language book, “Bill Gates Under the Magnifying Glass,” which was released in 2019, provides a deep dive into the mind and philosophies of the Microsoft co-founder. It consists of only one season and its chapters are divided into only three parts. Total duration is 50 minutes for each part.

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In the first part Bill Gates He talks about his vital mission: to improve the health situation in the developing world. In addition, her sisters share memories. In the second part of the documentary, we begin to identify people who contributed to Gates' life, such as his childhood friend and Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. Finally, it is known that trying to find solutions to the negative effects of climate change requires passion, resources and determination.

legacy Bill Gates It extends beyond technology, being a reference in philanthropy and the search for solutions to global social and health problems. Each episode delves into different aspects of his life and mind, including his focus on technology, his leadership at Microsoft, his dedication to global philanthropy, and his vision for solving complex problems like poverty, education, and health.

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