Canada requires Mexicans to work and only requires high school education! These are the requirements

Are you looking for work but you only have a high school diploma? Then, this opportunity is for you! Good Canada You are looking for Mexicans Who have such education to work in that country. Here we tell you.

Recently, on the portal employment From the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare of the Government of Mexico, a vacancy has been announced to work in the Maple Leaf Country, which offers an attractive job opportunity. The monthly salary is 26 thousand 760 Mexican pesos.

This is a vacancy to work at a resort as a lifeguard at one of their pools, so if you are good at swimming, this job might be for you. The person selected for this position must Perform the following functions:

  • Ensuring the maintenance and repair of various equipment used in the pool and their correct operation and safety.
  • Contributing to the daily cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools.
  • Communicate instructions, guidelines, and directions to guests clearly and courteously to ensure safe and enjoyable participation in activities.
  • Support the entertainment teams in daily operations.
  • Participate in communication and coordination of activities to ensure smooth development of events and programmes.
  • Providing high-quality customer service, answering questions and providing accurate information about services and activities.
  • Supervise and protect all customers and members who use the pools.

If you are hired, the hotel will give you Temporary employment contract; You will also have insurance for major medical expenses, life insurance, transportation support, uniforms, a retirement plan, a supplemental insurance plan, and an employee support program.

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Work requirements in Canada As a lifeguard

If you are interested in this employmentBefore applying for the vacant position, you must: Meet these requirements:

  • You must have a high school diploma or professional certificate only (the diploma or certificate must be shown).
  • – 4 to 5 years of experience as a lifeguard.
  • Knowledge of swimming pool maintenance and water rescue techniques.
  • It is necessary to speak basic English or French.
  • – Preference is given to those who have a lifeguard certificate and a first aid certificate.

If you meet the requirements and want to apply, it is best to do so as soon as possible You have until June 14 to registerSo prepare your CV! To register you must log in this link Or go to one of the Ministry's National Service offices employment.

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