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After winning a controversial defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, Johnny Depp He had dinner with his friends at a restaurant in Birmingham, worth $50,000.

About 20 people attended Varanasi’s place, including his musician friend Jeff Beck, who accompanied him several times during his tour. They were both in town performing Beck at Symphony Hall.

This is the verdict given by the jury to Amber Heard in her trial against Johnny Depp

The restaurant, which closed its doors to the rest of diners that night, greeted Johnny Depp’s group with Indian food specially prepared for them. Muhammed Hussain, Operations Manager of Varanasi, commented on his surprise after learning of the actor’s interest in going to the restaurant.

Exterior view of Varanasi Restaurant in Birmingham.

“We got an unexpected call on Sunday afternoon saying that Johnny Depp wanted to come over to eat with a group of people. I was surprised and at first thought it might be a joke. But then his security team came, searched the restaurant and left them the whole place because we were worried that other customers would bother him,” Hussain explained.

According to a Varanasi official, the group had deep shish kebab, chicken tikka and tandoori prawns. In addition to food, there was champagne, wine and all kinds of drinks. Deb and his group had a great time. They loved the food, the ambiance of the restaurant and the service we provided,” Hussain added.

The actor, who is set to receive $10 million from Amber Heard, had no qualms about paying the lunch bill. “We had to promise not to reveal the bill, but let’s put it this way; money wasn’t an issue, and it was easy to get five figures. We make more money on Deb’s visit than we make on our busiest nights of the week, which is On a Saturday when we have about 400 people.”

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“He is such a nice down to earth guy who spent a lot of time talking to the staff, our friends and family and was happy to take pictures with them. You never thought he was such a big star. He had plenty of time for all of us,” Hussain said.

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