The National Academy of Education talked about the use of inclusive language

After noting that “language that relates to one another is never ruled out”, ANE clarified that it “supports the standards set forth” by entities such as RAE when considering Comprehensive methods that complicate language and its teaching in educational institutions are unnecessary..

He also warns against “uncomfortable forms of the common sense of society” which “do not contribute to a sign of the equality of the sexes, but, on the contrary, indicate the existence of a rivalry rather than a fundamental and deep encounter between the two.”

It is noteworthy that, for a long time, the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) described the use of inclusive language as “unnecessary”, since “The use of the letter ‘e’ as a putative gender-inclusive sign is alien to Spanish morphology”.

For its part, the Argentina de Letras Academy also spoke out against its use, noting that “A language, a body of language, cannot be invented or reinvented overnight.”According to its president, Anna Maria Zorrilla.

He also argued that “an inclusive language is not a linguistic change: it responds to a socio-political situation outside the grammatical system. Therefore, none of the twenty-three academies of Spanish would be able to legitimize it.”

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