The harsh statement from hospitals and clinics after easing in some cities

Effects Health, both public and private, released a new version إصدار Release In it they asked to consider the new flexibility adopted by some municipalities, including the capital Neuquén. “Whether or not, circulation is very important and has a direct impact and real consequences for the health system, through thick and thin,” the statement issued Tuesday afternoon said.

“Given the delicate situation we are facing as a health system due to the continued rise in infection In the context of the epidemic, they indicated that “we are witnessing with concern various amendments regarding measures aimed at reducing its spread.”

The statement signed by the Minister of Health, hospital directors and clinic representatives across the county notes that “levels of hospitalization requirements remain extremely high and this translates into maximum occupancy, and very sustainable, of the intensive care unit capacity of beds in the county.”

He adds, “We have warned on other occasions about this situation and we see daily in the media how tragic situations associated with it happen. Families traversed by pain, who with great concern ask for a solution to the desperate cadres.”

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The letter stresses that “due to the critical epidemiological situation, various strategies have been implemented in the province to rapidly advance vaccination.” He pointed out that, “As we mentioned before, vaccination is one of the tools proposed globally to stop the epidemic, but it requires time for those who are vaccinated to develop immunity against the virus.”

“In this sense, the decrease in the movement of citizens … aims to bring about long-term effects on the sanitary and epidemiological situation, a situation that cannot be resolved from moment to moment,” the statement said.

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“Although there has been a perception in recent days of a decline in Covid 19 cases, we continue with a weekly average of close to 750 daily infections, a number equal to the highest peak recorded during the so-called ‘first wave,’” he says. He adds, “It is important to note that the eventual reduction in the infection curve does not translate immediately into health care normalization.”

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He notes that “we ask society as a whole to think about what is at stake every time they act at the expense of reducing circulation, because from the health system all we want is to reduce mortality and the infection curve so that we can provide the necessary and quality care that the people of Neuquen and Neuquen deserve.” “.

“As we continue to work tirelessly to care for all the people who come to the various clinics and hospitals in the county and are challenged by the anguish and desperation the different families are going through, we are once again asking the community to take care of themselves to be able to take care of them and take care of them,” the writing ends.

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