The Mexican women's national team announces friendly matches against Canada


Mexico and Canada will play a friendly duel in June AP

Mexican women's soccer team He confirmed that he would stand Two friendly duels at the same height, when one measures one One of the best women's bands in the world right now Canada.

The Mexicans have just produced a very good Gold Cup however With some doubts in his recent preparatory matches, So the duel against the Canadiens could represent an ideal moment to confirm the good direction of the team Pedro Lopez.

Without a doubt, a more important competitor for the Mexican women's national team The current level is for Canada, which has imposed sanctions on a power like the United States on two occasions in the past two months. Now, the Canadians are fully preparing for Paris 2024 and have agreed that Mexico will be one of their bases before such an important tournament.

The Mexican women's national team had an amazing moment, Considering that he managed two months ago Beat the United States in the Gold Cup group stage. The Aztecs ended up losing in the semifinals to Brazil, but the taste of the championship in their mouths was more than good. However, this has become somewhat unclear The last two defeats From Pedro Lopez's team, where he fell to difficult opponents such as Colombia and Australia.

Now, the Mexicans will have a new opportunity to stand up to it One of the best women's teams in the world like Canada, These matches will be used as preparation for the Olympic Games, while the Mexican women will seek to continue preparing and gaining experience for more tournaments in the future.

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When and where will the Mexico vs. Canada matches be played?

The dual match will be held against players from the Maple Leaf country beginning of june, When a Mexican woman travels to Canadian territory and lands first Montreal And then in toronto.

The first duel will occur Saturday, June 1 at 12:00 noon at CDMX, when Mexico visits Saputo Stadium. Three days later, the second match was held between the Mexicans and the Canadians It will be held at BMO Stadium at 5:30 PM CDMX time.

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