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Two opposition parties in Venezuela were able to commit to the candidacy of Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia

Authorities from the New United Nations and Movement for Venezuela parties were able to register their support for González Urrutia

Representatives of opposition parties new time (UNT) And Movement for Venezuela (MVP) Before the Venezuelan National Electoral Council (CNE) was finally received on Tuesday by the authorities of the National Electoral Council, registering the resignation of their candidates for the presidential election and achieving the commitment to the Democratic Unity Table (MUD) ticket with the president as candidate Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia.

“We can inform the country about it We were able to submit our application to join the CNE Board of Directors To nominate Edmundo González Urrutia. We did it“, Simon Calzadilla, Secretary General of the MVP party, reported on his account on the social network Unanimously we will achieve change“he added.

The UNT party also confirmed its achievement through a video on Resignation of candidate Manuel Rosales“, he noted on the social network.

Angel Cristian Palmieri Bacchi and Diana Carolina Rodríguez, representatives of the political party Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT), present documents on demonstrating the will of the movement to support candidate Edmundo González Urrutia, at the headquarters of the National Electoral Council in Caracas (EFE/Miguel Gutierrez)

the Democratic Unionist Platform The Union for Unity and Democracy party, which brings together Venezuela's main opposition parties, had denounced earlier Tuesday that the National Electoral Council had not allowed several parties to formally sign their support for the candidate. Gonzalez Urrutia.

Although González Urrutia appears on the MUD card, the goal is Expand your support To avoid the possible veto of specific electoral tickets, so that his candidacy can reach the July 28 elections unscathed and face Nicolas Maduro.

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The MPV and UNT originally nominated Manuel Rosales, but decided to add their electoral tickets to support González Urrutia, following the individual nomination agreement reached by the DUP on April 19. Last Saturday, the National Union of Workers Party announced the resignation of Rosales, who was unable to garner the support of the Unity for Democracy Party to win the coalition nomination.

President of the Venezuelan National Electoral Council (CNE), Elvis Amoroso (c), with CNE deans Aimee Nogal, Carlos Quintero, Rosalba Gil and Juan Carlos Delpino in Caracas (EFE/Reiner Peña R.)

The Secretary-General of the Democratic Union Party, Omar Barboza, denounced the attack on Tuesday The “failed” attempts of the Movement for Venezuela and the New United Nations Movement – Governor Manuel Rosales' party – appealed to the National Electoral Commission to fulfill its “constitutional duty” and “facilitate the people's participation in the electoral process.”

Edmundo González Urrutia himself called on social networks to “advance the process of transition to final freedom” and fulfill “the desire and mandate of millions of citizens demanding change”, after the coalition chose his name to resolve Veto Maria. Corinna Machado, ineligible to hold public office.

next to, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, On Tuesday, he described it as “exceptional” for the Venezuelan opposition to rally around one candidate, and reiterated his desire for all sectors to respect the result of the elections scheduled for July 28.

Last month, the Brazilian government expressed “concern” about obstacles to registering candidates, and received an angry response from the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry. Lula stressed on Tuesday that elections in Venezuela, as in other countries, must be “transparent” and that the election results must be recognized by everyone.

Archive photo by Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia (EFE)

On the other hand, Juan Manuel Santos, former Colombian president and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, said in an exclusive interview with the newspaper: Her beans From Sao Paulo Which 'It's time' if Gustavo Petro and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva want to help with Venezuela's democratic transition.

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According to Santos, the actions of the leaders of Colombia and Brazil are decisive this week, and he said that it will be “very important” for each of them to say to Maduro: “Respect this candidate,” referring to González Urrutia.

(With information from EFE and Europe Press)

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