The Madeleine McCann Case: What the First Vital Tests Revealed of the Young Woman Claiming to be the Missing Girl | He disappeared in 2007 in Portugal

a private investigator who investigated the case for years Madeline McCannthe 3-year-old girl who disappeared in 2007 while on vacation in Portugal, conducted a biometric investigation and confirmed that No similar features were found between the missing minor and Julia Wendellthe 21-year-old Polish girl who started a campaign on the net because she suspected her of being Maddie.

Julia Wendell is Madeleine McCann?

The former director of the Método 3 detective agency, Francisco Marco, spoke about the case on the Barcelona radio show Versió RAC1 by Tony Clabis and explained that Pictures posted by the young Polish woman on her networks to show that she could be McCann Do not match With the features of the missing girl according to his studies.

Although Marco showed himself skeptical about this issue, He also stated that he had no reliable evidence to refute the version of the young Polish woman:”I may think it’s a scam, but I can’t say without evidenceHe also highlighted the fact that Wendell “called the police and no one paid attention,” according to what he says on his networks.

On the other hand, in dialogue with the Spanish media The IndependentThe detective only saw fameHe added:Without knowing the details in depthAnd It doesn’t suit me. I don’t think she is“.

Biometric studies are used in investigations Clear recognition in people of intrinsic behavioral or physical traits. For example, fingerprints, retinas, irises, and facial patterns, among other items, are often compared.

Who is Julia Wendell and what is her relationship with Madeleine McCann?

Julia Wendella 21-year-old girl from Poland, Suspected of being Madeleine McCanna girl from the United Kingdom who disappeared under mysterious circumstances on May 3, 2007 while on vacation in Portugal that she shared with her parents, Kate and Jerry, and her brothers, Sean and Amelie.

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Through various posts on the Instagram account @employee He expressed his concerns It has become a global trend. “I think I might be Madeline. I need a DNA test. British and Polish police interrogators try to ignore me. I will tell my story in the posts here. Help me, ”says the young woman in her autobiography.

On that social network, Julia compares photos from the moment of Maddie’s disappearance with those from her childhood, and He argues that the similarity is compelling.

In this context, Wendell Request to undergo a DNA test confirm or deny his hypothesis, and according to what he said in that account, The missing girl’s parents would have accepted. However, no other sources have confirmed that the investigation has advanced a few steps in this regard.

The Madeleine McCann Case: How Did It Disappear?

Madeleine McCann was three years old when… He disappeared on May 3, 2007 while on vacation in Portugal which he shared with his parents, Kate and Jerry, and his siblings, Sean and Amelie.

The family was staying in an apartment in Playa de la Luz in the Algarve. One night, the girl’s parents went to dinner with two friends and left Madeleine sleeping next to her brothers. When they return from the place, they realize that the girl is no longer there.

At the end of May, hoping to find their daughter, the parents decided to seek help from the Portuguese authorities and called on the national and international media. They created a website to direct donations and contributions that can be made on behalf of the cause.

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Although there are other suspects in the disappearance during these years, currently The main person investigated is Christian Bruckner, A German is accused of five sexual offenses that took place between December 2000 and June 2017 against girls and women between the ages of 10 and 80.

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