Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives face fallout from impeachment on Biden’s opening days

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held the call with her leadership team as the Democratic Party Rally moved to an almost entirely united position in support of the impeachment of President Donald Trump for incitement to The revolt that swept through the U.S. Capitol On January 6, however, the timetable – with only 10 days left for Trump – and the fallout from the Senate trial in the opening days and weeks of President-elect Joe Biden’s term began to weigh on the talks.
Politico I mentioned it first Details of the invitation of the Democratic leadership of the House of Representatives.

In a letter sent to colleagues on Saturday night, Pelosi indicated that action will be taken.

“When we take our oath, we promise the American people our seriousness in protecting our democracy,” Pelosi wrote. “For this reason, it is absolutely imperative that those who committed the assault on our democracy be held accountable. There must be an admission that this profanation was instigated by the president.”

Pelosi also made it clear that members should prepare to return to Washington next week to take action on something.

But what this remains remains an open question. Democratic representatives plan to introduce it Dismissal decision January 11 was drafted by Representatives David Cecilin, Jimmy Ruskin, and Ted Liu. It already has approximately 190 participating sponsors.

But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made clear in a note circulated last week that even if the House of Representatives moves in the coming days to impeach Trump, the Senate will not return to session before Jan.19. This would begin the trial on January 20. Biden’s inauguration date.

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From now on, the Senate is often unable to take any action alongside the trial until its completion, as was evident during Trump’s first impeachment trial.

House Democrat leaders are starting to ponder what that could mean for Biden’s inaugural days as president – from confirming his candidates for Cabinet to proposing the aggressive stimulus he plans to push from his first moments in office. The Democrats in Saturday night’s leadership call specifically raised these issues, as they tried to navigate the complex dynamics.

Pelosi, in her letter to colleagues, made it clear that the way forward is still largely underway.

“We will continue to meet with members, constitutional experts and others,” she wrote. “I still welcome your comments.”

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