The Group of Seven will meet to analyze the situation in Afghanistan

mode in Afghanistan is worrying for everyoneTherefore, the leaders of the Group of Seven will meet next Tuesday to analyze what is happening in the country.

british prime minister, Boris Johnson He stressed that what happened in this Middle Eastern country is being followed by the major powers in the world and they will have to talk about what is happening.

Residents fear a system like the 1990s (Photo: Associated Press)

“It is vital that the international community does so Working together to ensure safe evacuationspreventing a humanitarian crisis and helping the Afghan people protect the progress of the past 20 years.”

accurately, The United Kingdom takes over the presidency G7Where are Germany, Canada, USA, France, Italy and Japan. So England pressured the other nations to hold this emergency meeting.

The fact is that the international community, as well as many people in different countries, are very critical of the United States and its allies for their handling of the crisis; First through the rapid withdrawal of troops, as well as Chaos at Kabul airportThousands of people are waiting to be evacuated.

Things are complicated in Afghanistan, under the control of the Taliban, which is currently in a tense calm in the country, but it could break out at any moment.

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