This is how Afghan immigrants will stay in Colombia

Juan Carlos Pinzon, the Colombian ambassador to the United States, spoke on the afternoon of Sunday, August 22, to some The country’s progress in being able to comfortably receive nearly 4,000 Afghan immigrants They will remain in the national territory while their immigration status in the North American country is resolved.

According to the diplomat, a team of officials from both countries has already been formed, which will be responsible for managing the transition as smoothly as possible. In the same will participate”Institutions such as Migración Colombia, of course coordinated and led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, As well as the work of other institutions such as Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Health”, She said.

They are already responsible for coordinating logistics with the various Colombian cities that have demonstrated Willing to receive refugees, such as Barranquilla, Bogota, Cali, Medellin and the province of Bolivar. He confirmed that they will search there for hotels among other types of accommodation to ensure the stay of travelers.

In the words of the Colombian ambassador: “Some hotels and infrastructure are being identified that will definitely benefit, because they will get a job and they will get paid for it as long as these people stay in the country. It will help Economie Sweetened”.

It should be noted that, as announced by the Colombian authorities, the US government will be responsible for covering the costs of maintaining migrants while they are in Colombia.

Thus, Benzon ended his speech by noting that, “In the next few days, the Magration of Colombia and the US Embassy, ​​once these meetings are held, will have They will be able to give details about where they are, how many people will arrive, more or less on what dates And how this operating model will work.”

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And we should not forget, then, that according to several reports from the Wall Street Journal and even from the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia, they are talking about that the country will receive about 4,000 immigrants who cooperated with the United States during the period of the army’s stay. Forces of Colombia, that country in Arganistan, and that they have been selected or nominated for asylum visas.

According to the presidency, It will be a transitional process, with the North American country bearing all the expenses, even when the refugees are able to travel to the United States. They also emphasized that he worked to protect human rights, especially women, and that the reception quota was limited and related to people who “support democracy.”

His temporary residency in Colombia is to be expected. These are the foreigners who do not intend to remain permanently in the national territory; Their protection is sought while they complete their immigration process in the United States. We are not faced with a people suffering from uncertainty about their future. They will be protected while they continue their visit to the United States.” Director of Immigration for Colombia, Juan Francisco Espinosa, in an interview with Yemed Amat and El Tiempo newspaper.

According to figures provided by Espinosa, in the country There are “a little more” than 2 million foreign residents, 87% of whom are Venezuelan citizens, That is, 1.7 million people have arrived in the context of mass migration because of the crisis in which you are living on the other side of the border. Of these, it is estimated that one million people are in an irregular situation and they are the ones who have access to the TPA.

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According to the Director of Immigration, this is a result of the above Colombia has become one of the centers of immigration in the world, when before this situation there was a mass exodus of Colombians abroad. Floating and resident migration increased with crises in countries such as Haiti which produced a dam for more than 12,000 people in the commune of Nicocle.

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