“Catalesa” intersects with art, culture and science

Artists and/or art groups residing in the province are invited to produce a work in the framework of the Catalisa Festival. New intersections between art, culture and science. The call will be available until September 26.

Each project selected will receive $50,000 to produce. The terms and conditions can be downloaded from the following link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cVe9WrOLiA_Va60U-qPBiZswZi_aegjy/view?usp=sharing

the details

To address doubts or concerns, two media meetings will be held in Cecual (Santa Maria de Oro 471) between interested artists and research teams to analyze priority thematic lines. The meetings will be as follows:

First meeting: Wednesday, August 25 at 7:30 pm. Invitation to artists, presentation of research teams to corresponding topics: a) Indigenous and Afro-Native peoples in colonial history; b) Art and sexuality.

Second meeting: Thursday 26 August 7:30 pm Presentation of topics a) Health, Poverty and Environment; b) indigenous languages; C) vision and decolonization.

This initiative was developed within the framework of the ICCH program called Trama Creativa, which aims to promote the creation of cultural production networks.


The projects selected will be part of the Catalisa Festival which will also include forums, talks, workshops and audiovisual interventions, including cases of circulation of works produced through different public cultural institutions (museums, cultural centers) and the development of an interactive webpage allowing identification and in-depth identification of the beneficiary projects .

This festival has been selected within the Science Culture Projects Program of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of the nation, whose ultimate goal is to promote activities aimed at demonstrating the social value of science and technology of a syndicate and inter-institutional character. It will be held for three days in the building where the Institute of Geological Research (IIGHI) (Av. Castelli 930) currently operates.

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“The intention is to resign from this research space and bring to the public an unprecedented event that maintains an essential relationship with the goals and actions of the said institute. This activity seeks to bring the public closer to the dialogue that can take place between scientific work and the research that embodies it, with contemporary art forms; As well as reconnecting the scientific and artistic community, with its symbolic universes, “they expressed the organization.


The proposal must be made following the format required by the call, which can be downloaded from the following link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1unvCghoClhDJY2yLdXz8xUrn0FmPrPrE/view?usp=s haring

Once the project is written according to the format, the registration form must be completed. In the said form, you must attach the project prepared according to the indicated format: https://forms.gle/opB84w4GhRP5CkE37

For questions or inquiries, go to the mail [email protected]

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