A longevity expert has revealed the big change young people need to make to increase their life expectancy

Dan Buettner, longevity researcher (@danbuettner)

During the past twenty years, Dan BuettnerThe longevity researcher devoted his efforts to studying the characteristics of those places in the world where people live the longest. These sites are known as “Regions Blues“, and includes areas such as Ikaria In Greece and Okinawa in Japan. The researcher identified five of these areas and analyzed the factors that contribute to a long life, revealing key information about how healthy habits can positively impact longevity.

As Buettner explained in an interview with CNBCAdopting a healthy lifestyle, even later in life, has important implications for life expectancy. “A 20-year-old woman can live about 10 years longer if she follows the Blue Zone diet.“, the researcher states in reference to A A diet based on whole foods and plants. The men are not left behind: they can live another 13 years following these habits, and “Even for a 60-year-old, this equates to an additional six years of life expectancy.”“.

However, in addition to eating a diet rich in whole foods and plants, Beutner reveals The big change that young people need to make To increase life expectancy: Giving importance to social relationships as a decisive factor in longevity.

Create a group of friends whose idea of ​​entertainment is something activeSurround yourself with people who… Share a healthy lifestyle It can have a noticeable impact on long-term health behaviors.

Even small adjustments in daily routine can lead to big benefits – (Information with pictures)

This approach is also reflected in the lives of centenarians such as Deborah Szekelywho is 102 years old, maintains the habit of going for a daily walk with a close friend and encourages everyone to “Find active friends“.

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Buettner highlights the influence of social circles on dietary decisions: “If all your friends were gathering around a BBQ or Pizza Hut or something, this is what you would eat.Conversely, having a friend who follows a healthy diet can inspire you to adopt better eating habits.

Buettner's research also suggests that pursuing health through specific diets or exercise programs often backfires. instead of, She recommends transforming the environment to adopt behaviors that occur naturally in Blue Zones. “In the blue areas, people Not suggested “They're eating right or being active, they're doing so simply because their behaviors are built into their environment,” Buettner says.

Buettner has also noted that many characteristics of blue zones can be found in some areas Spain. As he recalls from his time in Seville, Cordoba and Andujar: “Until recently, people walked everywhere, socialized a lot and ate a Mediterranean diet.” But he warns of the increasing rates of obesity and overweight in Spain, attributing this to adopting a lifestyle closer to the American style.

Following a healthy lifestyle has important effects on life expectancy – (illustration)

Even small adjustments to your daily routine can lead to big benefits. According to the researcher: “Having healthy habits, even later in life, can positively impact a person’s longevity.”“This message is essential not only for young people, but also for older people, showing that it is not too late to change towards a healthier lifestyle.

Buettner's research focuses on the foods people consume, but also on how the social environment affects them. Life habits. An environment in which all-plant-based food consumption behaviors are modeled makes it more likely that a person will maintain those habits, which, according to the researcher, can contribute significantly to a longer, healthier life.

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Buettner's blue zone studies reveal that diet and social relationships play a crucial role in longevity. Adopting healthy habits and surrounding yourself with people who share these values ​​can be an effective strategy for living longer and healthier.

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