The first official medical report of the Italian hospital

Silvina Luna has developed positively in the past hourswhich his family allowed the Italian hospital to share with A An official medical report They mentioned in detail how the artist’s health is.

His brother decided not to publish anything officiallyBut in the last hours he changed his mind and the hospital was posted Ex-big brother medical information. This is so far Britto Angel Journalists were sometimes allowed to talk about Luna and that was all that was known about her condition.

The patient was admitted to the intensive care unit on June 13, 2023. From this hospital to get a picture Multifactorial encephalopathy Ventilation support required. is offline They breathe on their own With stable vital signs, ”said the statement, which was signed by the Medical Directorate of the Italian Hospital in Buenos Aires. At the same time he emphasized that “The prognosis is cautious“.

Fernando BorlandoIt was Luna’s lawyer who released the information and added a message at the request of Ezequiel, Silvina’s brother.

The first medical report of Silvina Luna.

To Silvina’s family and loved ones, only one word is offered: Thank you. Every expression of love, concern, desire for improvement, strength, and solidarity were caresses to our souls. And for Silvina, it’s the remedial measures that help her move forward in this time,” the letter reads.

Lots of love means strong support. Thanks, thanks, thanks is what our hearts are crying out for at this moment,” concludes the lawyer’s text.

Ángel de Brito told how Silvina Luna spent the first night without a respirator

Silvina Luna’s health has improved Regarding the past daysBut his image remains complex. The actress was hospitalized in intensive care at the Italian Hospital in Buenos Aires and Made some of the improvements mentioned by Ángel de Brito In Thursday’s edition in L.

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The journalist maintains direct contact with those close to the actress who stand by her at all times. Comment on that In the last part he received, he learned that he was “in a very good mood.”.

for the artist They took her off the ventilator and she started breathing on her own.. As her lungs responded, You can communicate with very few peopleincluding her brother, the one who has been watching over Silvina since all this ordeal began.

She speaks perfectly, she gets to know everyone who visits her, and she has an appetiteDe Brito recounted about the improvements. “The brother accompanied her for fifteen days in the hospital. Some said no one cares about Silvina Luna.”

However, he emphasized it The picture remains “very complex and complex”. “He woke up really well from the anesthesia and The first thing he did was hug his brother.He added and stressed that he was fully aware of everything that happened to him.

“Nobody could believe what was happening. Direct miracleThis is explained with the latest studies.They ruled out brain damage“.

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