The engineer manages to operate a portable Tetris console with a small nuclear generator

The initial experience was to work with the original Game Boy, but the energy required to make that happen turned out to be too much.

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Imagine: Ian CharnasYoutube

Just as you read it: the engineer has put together his own skills nuclear generator And I used it to play games on a portable console Tetris. This person called Ian Charnas, he put together this power source on his YouTube channel, and although he couldn’t use it for his initial purpose, he found an alternative on this classic platform.

Charnas had to charge the batteries for two months, so the console could last about an hour.How did you build it? This mini nuclear generator uses a combination of Tritium Energy CellsAnd the Solar PanelsAnd the solid state batteries and one printed circuit board Or a PCB, which he built himself. According to the video he posted on his channel, the original plan was to get a file game boy Original, but the Nintendo laptop required a lot of power, which Charnas didn’t expect.

By turning his experience into a less demanding Tetris laptop, his work paid off, but the first test not successful. The game only worked for a few a few secondsEven after charging the batteries One week. Charnas thought the problem was caused by the batteries he was using, so he ended up building another circuit from scratch, using other model batteries. After downloaded by two monthsNow the game is almost over hour, before it is turned off.

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How is this even possible? As you can see, tritium cells produce Lightwhich is absorbed by solar panels and converts this light into energy which are stored in batteries. The nuclear generator produces Charnas 1.5 mW of power, and requires Game Boy approx Million From this same unit, which is why he could not turn on the laptop.

Nowadays, people can play Tetris on almost any platform, even from highway. news and Interesting anecdotes It continues to surround the classic title today, and the community continues to enjoy it, thanks to projects that play with the original formula, such as Tetris 99.

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