Video: They defended themselves from a wave of looting by throwing oil at the entrance to the building

July 17, 2021 0:00

The incident took place in South Africa, where a wave of looting is taking place as a result of a huge social crisis. The ingenious idea on the part of the staff avoided disturbances in the building.

Video: They defended themselves from a wave of looting by throwing oil at the entrance to the building. (Photo: video capture)

South Africa is embroiled in a major social crisis triggered by the imprisonment of that country’s former president, Jacob Zuma. This led to rallies and riots, as well as various looting. The local staff made a very ingenious and effective decision to avoid being attacked.

A week ago, mass protests in the African country left dozens dead and more than 1,800 arrested as a result of looting, arson and other violent incidents.

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The riots affected hundreds of businesses, especially in the South African city of Tugela Ferry, in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. There, the staff of a local resident devised a way to avoid looting: throwing oil and water at the entrance.

Video: Twitter

In the recording you can see how dozens of people try to enter but find it difficult to maintain stability and many of them end up giving up and leaving the place.

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“No one can go to that side because they slipped like crazy,” said Mduduzu Sekhakhan, director of the foundation, in an interview with local media. In turn, he pointed out that this place was the only one that was not plundered thanks to an ingenious ruse.

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The South African government had to deploy the army in the areas of greatest social unrest to cooperate with the local police to bring the situation under control.

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