The candidate for the post of Minister of Health rejects the accusations about accepting his children in medical school

SEOUL, April 17 (Yonhap) — South Korean Minister of Health and Welfare candidate Chung Ho-young on Sunday denied allegations that his children were accepted into medical school and his son was exempted from active military service, but apologized for causing public concern.

At a press conference, Chung, the former head of Kyungpook National University Hospital, called for an “objective investigation” into the allegations, making it clear that he would not withdraw from the nomination for the ministerial post.

“When it came to issues with my children, there were no inappropriate actions using my position, and such actions were not possible,” Chung said. He added that “the admission to the Medical College and the subject of military service was carried out within the framework of procedures characterized by the highest degree of justice.”

The ministerial candidate also apologized to citizens for causing “great concern”.

After President-elect Yoon Seok Yeol appointed him to head the Ministry of Health and Welfare, accusations surfaced that his high-ranking position in the hospital may have affected his children’s medical school admissions since college years.

Doubts were also raised about her son’s assessment as unfit for active duty in 2015 based on medical records released by the university hospital, even though five years earlier he was classified as unfit for active duty.

Regarding the allegation, Chung said his son will undergo a new medical examination at an institution selected by the National Assembly.

“I wish I could do a reasonable background check, based on accurate facts,” Chung said, adding that he would explain all doubts in detail at the confirmation hearing.

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