The best cities to work in the UK

UK job opportunities Make it one of the best places in the world to gain work experience, even if the applicant’s native language is Spanish.

The territory contains a compendium of cities that fit current job profiles, as well as offering additional services for those who wish to establish themselves within them.

If you are considering a change of scenery and are interested in life in the UK, check out our list Best cities to work in this area. In addition, you can also get information about How to write your CV in EnglishBecause this is their primary language.

Salary data obtained from the web survey average salary.

The best cities to work in the UK


  • Average salary: £70,000 per year.

London has around 200 co-working spaces, which attract professionals from all over the world. Likewise, it also has all kinds of emerging startups that have greatly improved the city’s economy.

It has more than 5 thousand cafeterias, supermarkets and bars that make life in the city easier and can be suitable places for it Start work experience And know the customs of the country.


  • Average salary: £67,000 per year.

It’s a good value-for-money city with one more thing: its transportation network is among the cheapest in the country.

As if that wasn’t enough, they have hundreds of places to eat cheap too. For those who need to travel a little further.


  • Average salary: £57k per year.

After London, Birmingham is the second largest city, with a population of about 2.5 million. Additionally, it is among the top ten cities to start a business.

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The city offers about 15 co-working spaces, as well as hundreds of cafeterias to promote remote work.


  • Average salary: £54,000 per year.

Despite the lack of co-working spaces and a smaller transport network compared to the major cities, Nottingham stands out as one of the few cities that care so much about the care of every one of its employees.


  • Average salary: £53,000 per year.

It’s part of Cities with the best transport connections in the UK, although it is usually a destination city for those on business trips. It has more than 98 train stations across the city, and is second only to London.


  • Average salary: £52,000 per year.

It is another of the few cities that Best value for money In terms of earned salary and average lifestyle. In addition, its transport network places it among the top 5 cities in the UK.

As if that weren’t enough, more than 800 bars and nightclubs create a proper work-life balance.


  • Average salary: £50,000 per year.

It is the third best city to start a business, right after Edinburgh and Birmingham. At the moment, it is a city that is growing exponentially Many job opportunities.

Likewise, it also has its share of supermarkets, bars and cafes for those who wish to settle in.


  • Average salary: £50,000 per year.

After London and Manchester in terms of number of pubs, it is one of the most popular destinations for tourists to settle down and start their working life.

However, balancing leisure and work can be challenging in this city.

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  • Average salary: £49,000 per year.

It is usually the preferred city for business people in the country to start a business. Although it has a much smaller number of co-working spaces compared to London, it has a number of businesses that are currently growing.

Likewise, it also offers various entertainment options when the work day is over.


  • Average salary: £41,000 per year.

Their transportation network is neither as expensive nor as cheap as other cities, but they really do their best to help workers get to their jobs on time.

It also has entertainment areas, though Their average salary is among the lowest in all surveys.

Finding the perfect city in the UK is not difficult, you just have to think about the services that you would like to enjoy when you settle down for the long term and The average salary you want to get according to your lifestyle.

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