Energy workers warn that lifting subsidies is a ‘fraud of the people’ | Beware of the increases that will come

President of the Association of Senior Energy Employees (APSEE), Carlos Minucciwondered this Friday rate segmentation process That the government implemented and warned It was “rate” and it would be a “scam people”.

Menucci’s proposal comes after this week the Minister of Economy, Serge Massadeclared that out of the total families, 30 percent will pay the full rate, not just 10 percent as the government initially asserted. In turn, expect that the 9 million registrants will be subsidized only for a portion of their consumption and the full rate will also apply to the surplus.

In the case of electricity You mentioned that up to 400 kWh per month will be subsidized. This cover sustains 80 percent of families. Similar logic will apply to the gas serviceAlthough now massa No accuracy is given.

In this context, for AM750 Menucci noted that “when the partition appeared” they deplored “it would end at a high rate”. “Masa is seeking, again through tariffs, to fill the central bank with money again. But she gave me the hearing that they deceive people. First, because of the fragmentation problem. There are companies that have increased by 3,400 percent for 4 years. This does not go to distributors, go to generator: will Medellina Louisa Kabuto“, Release.

He added: “These companies for 30 years did not invest a single peso. They did not renew the machines. Distributors say they can’t invest because they don’t have the money. And we continue to provide support until they avoid money. There are no costs.”

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While, Minucci explained that the 400 kWh limit is “low consumptionAnd he embodied in his own case: “In my case there are no expenses. The lights are only used when someone is there. There is a computer. This two-month period consumed 517 kilowatt-hours. Our average is 700 kWh“.

Finally, give a brief overview of how this situation was arrived at: “The split arises from the agreement with the fund. Guzmán decides that they will remove him from the generation companies. But they end up going for the averages. That pays the richest and the rest do not pay. But when the Secretary of Energy did an income assessment. Guzmán captures the energy work and takes it to the economy. And it puts a limit on three basic baskets per family group.”

However, it wasn’t enough for them, the numbers didn’t shut them down. Massa comes and says she will subsidize retail and adds that every household over 400 kWh loses subsidy. Why did they fill out forms? This is a huge fee. This is followed by gas and water. When rates are up, the question is how are you going to bring down inflation.”is over.

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