Kevin Spacey ordered $31 million to produce House of Cards for alleged sexual misconduct

Earlier this year, lawyers Kevin Spacey They demanded that a 2020 arbitration ruling that the actor must pay the production company of . be overturned house of paperMRC, nearly $31 million for him Alleged sexual misconduct Behind the scenes of the famous Netflix series. The lawyers claimed that there were only “sexual innuendos” and “innocent games” that did not violate company policies. This Thursday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mel Reed Ricana confirmed that conviction.

Spacey was one of the protagonists of the series built on the tensions, intrigues and betrayals dealt with in the highest spheres of power. There, he played Frank Underwood, the president of the United States, but during the sixth season, after he faced accusations of sexually abusing and assaulting young men, he ended up being expelled from the series.

As it turned out at the time, one of the alleged victims was a production assistant who claimed Spacey had touched him. Faced with these accusations, the producer decided to launch an investigation, the outcome of which was decisive in the dismissal of the actor.

In his plea, MRC claimed that Spacey caused a millionaire to lose when his misconduct forced them to fire him and shorten Season 6. The arbitrator found these arguments to be valid and found the performer’s conduct to be a material breach of his agreements as an actor and executive producer. So he ordered $29.5 million in damages and another 1.5 million to cover costs and fees.

These were not the first accusations of inappropriate behavior faced by the series’ hero. In a 2017 Buzzfeed article, actor Anthony Rapp claimed that Spacey made a sexual advance on him in 1986, when Rapp was just 14 years old. Two days later, CNN aired a report accusing Spacey of creating a “toxic” environment by making rude comments and touching young employees without consent. On the same day, . was produced house of paper has been suspended.

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After reviewing all of the material, both the network’s news report and the internal investigation, the arbitrator found that Spacey had violated the MRC’s sexual harassment policy with respect to five MRC employees. House of cards. also, It found that the MRC “made a direct damages claim based on fixed numbers”, and that it “was appropriately conservative and based almost entirely on MRC actual costs and contracted revenue.”

This isn’t the only reason Spacey is facing off. In May, he was charged with four counts of sexual assault and one count of “causing a person to engage in non-consensual penetrative sexual activity” by the CPS, after analyzing material obtained for more than a year. by the Metropolitan Police.

The events that brought Spacey to court would have happened between 2005 and 2013When he was artistic director of the prestigious Old Vic Theatre, London. Four victims, including three men in their thirties and forties today. In mid-July this year, Spacey pleaded not guilty at the time he was notified of the charges, and will await the start of the process, which is scheduled for June 6, 2023.

In addition, a federal court in New York set the start of the open operation on October 4 based on the complaint of Anthony Rapp, who claims he was 14 when Spacey invited him to his house after a party and sexually assaulted him. In a way that the image of “extreme emotional distress” still caused him. In 2017, as soon as the accusation came to light, the actor apologized by saying he doesn’t remember the episode (which happened in 1986). He publicly apologized for what, in his opinion, was the result of “extremely inappropriate behavior resulting from a drunken attitude.”

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