The Aragon government supports Zaragoza’s candidacy for 2026

Tomasa Hernández, presidential advisor, told the committee that it would decide on the European capital of sport, which the DGA supports “with all its energy.”

The Minister of the Presidency, Interior and Culture of the Aragon Government, Tomása Hernández, received on Friday in the Shield Room of the Pignatelli Building the Evaluation Committee of ACES Europe, the entity that awards the European Capital of Sports Medal. At the reception, the Head of Administration highlighted the “vital and resolute” support provided by the DGA so that Zaragoza can obtain this continental capital in 2026.

Zaragoza and Napoli are the finalists to obtain this distinction within three years. This will be decided by a vote of the members of the ACES committee visiting Aragon these days led by its president, Francesco Lopatelli, who arrived accompanied by Michel Forel-Adams, Andrea Jünger, Jinsi Cogdheli, Kenneth Vella and Ankdre De Gouw. Moshfeg Javarov, Gerbin van Duyne and Hugo Alonso. The Director General of Sports, Cristina Garcia, also participated in this event, and the Sports Advisor to the Metropolitan Council, Felix Procat, also participated.

The advisor reminded visitors that Aragon is a historical region, “born as a kingdom nearly a thousand years ago, and founded more than five hundred years ago by Spain, the oldest country in Europe” and that Zaragoza, its capital, “was founded by the people of Spain,” said Tomasa Hernández, who highlighted “ The nobility of behavior that characterized the Roman armies two thousand years ago, and today it is known as a pleasant place of welcome, where everyone who arrives finds hospitality and affection, because of the greatness of its people. “It is the heritage of the Aragonese.”

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“We are certain that the election of Zaragoza as European Capital of Sport in 2026 will simply be a recognition of the intense work and interest that has been done in sports for decades, coupled with the perseverance and perseverance in every project that we Aragonese undertake.” The advisor continued by emphasizing that Zaragoza is not only home to great athletes, but is also capable of hosting national and international championships.

In this sense, he pointed out that the capital of Aragon hosted national championships in individual and team sports on a fair number of occasions, and in international events with great influence, such as the FIFA World Cup in 1982 and the FIFA World Championship in 1986. The World Handball Cup in 1986. 2013, the Basketball Final Four in 1990 and 1995, or the Futsal Championship in 2018.

In addition to its sports facilities, the Aragonese capital provides all kinds of infrastructure that allows it to receive a significant number of visitors, whether they are athletes or fans. “The generosity of the people of Zaragoza, the Aragonese, does the rest,” the advisor stressed, before continuing: “Sport breathes in Zaragoza. Children and young people play sports and popular sports and enjoy excellent health in a city that welcomes any initiative.” Related to sports.

In conclusion, against this background, Tomasa Hernández emphasized, “We have no doubt that Zaragoza is the ideal candidate to be the European Capital of Sport in 2026, and the Government of Aragon supports her candidacy today and will also support it fully.”

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