The Alien Isolation writers announce a new shooter, but there’s bad news if you’re expecting a sequel

Creative Assembly is betting on the fastest multiplayer action with Hyenas: First Trailer and Details.

This morning Sega He was calling us in the late afternoon to find out more about his next big game, and here it is: It’s not about Ecco the Dolphinbut one of the most popular multiplayer sci-fi shooter game Creative Assembly. baptized in the name of hyenasIt is suggested that users become space pirates And engage in raids on a future full of color, pop culture references and, above all, action.

To discover what hyenas are around, the first thing is to find out their location, a solar system in which billionaires finally managed to get to Mars, leaving Earth tax collectors in trouble and turning Earth into Floating landfill known as “El Tocho”. “The only thing the rich care about is the rare popular culture pieces of the poor souls they leave behind, which they plunder to decorate their mansions on Mars.”

Play as hyenas as a group of misfits with unique abilities and weapons“It’s time to take back what belongs to us.” But doing so won’t be an easy task, as he suggests putting together a team of hyenas with candidates from a variety of misfits with unique abilities and weapons to retrieve goods and take huge malls out of space, or “plunder ships”, where they are, guarded Hired thugs, alarm systems and armed drones.

Hacking and burglary by force in space! Your team of three will have to face four other teams To pass the best bits on and get away,” they sell, adding that each ship is a huge field of interconnected systems that provide endless opportunities for the most elusive groups to take advantage of the environment and outwit security systems, thugs and competitors.

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“When the work begins, they will unite frenzied movements and deadly combat tactics with zero-gravity zones full of dangers and often switching on and off, which will provide incredible opportunities to control the environment to set traps and take out other teams,” explains Creative Assembly, responsible for, among other video games, great alien isolation.

Hyenas will arrive in 2023 For PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, unlock recordings for it Alpha closed.

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