Temporary messages in WhatsApp, even can be activated

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Messaging platforms are increasingly concerned with maintaining the security and privacy of their users, Because today more than ever the cases of cyber threats are on the rise.

In this case, it was WhatsApp that has updated its information about temporary messages, The function that worked to send messages privately and confidentially so that they could not be left hanging around the network permanently.

– On the other hand, when the temporary messages function is activated, it can be set to disappear 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days after it was sent, and it will only work with messages after initialization.

– In individual chats, temporary messages can be activated by either party, just as in groups, unless administrators decide they can only implement this type of setup.

– When settings are set to hide messages after 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days, if the recipient of the message does not open the application within the same time period, the message will be deleted without being able to read it since the chat, but there will always be a possibility that you have read it from the notifications that Displayed by the cell phone.

– When replying to a contact with a temporary message quote, it is possible for the contact to remain in the chat permanently, even after the configured duration.

– If a temporary message is forwarded to a chat where the temporary message function is not configured, it will remain permanently. In other words, there may be users who save temporary messages in other chats.

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– If a backup was made before the temporary message disappeared, it will be saved in the backup. But the temporary messages will be deleted when the user restores from a backup.

with the above, Although this tool helps to keep certain private care training safe and private, the app suggests using these temporary messages with the people you trust the most, since there is the possibility of saving them with the following actions:

Forward the message or take a screenshot of it before it disappears.

– Copy and save the message before it disappears in chats or other apps like notepads and word processors.

– Take a picture of the screen of the cell phone where the temporary message function is activated, with another device just before deleting it.

These steps can be followed on both iOS and Android.

1. Open the app and go to Settings or Settings

2. Select the “Account” option

3. Click on the “Privacy” section

4. Select the message duration by clicking on “Default Duration” or “Default Message Duration”

Multimedia files also disappear if temporary messages are activated

Most of the mobile users have activated the automatic download of their photo galleries, audio-visual files sent via Whatsapp, so The files will be deleted from the messaging platform but not from the phone.

Anyway, if you want to disable automatic download of photos and videos, you should follow these steps

1. Open the WhatsApp application on the cell phone

2. Go to Settings or Configuration

3. Click on “Storage and Data”

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4. Select the automatic download section.

5. Make settings for the three options shown.

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