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Between 29 and 30 June, the European Union, through its Low Carbon Circular Economy (LCBA) initiative, You will develop a circular economy matchmaking in Colombia to enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of Colombian companies.

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Through virtual 45-minute meetings, a convergence of low-carbon technology companies from the European Union and companies looking for sustainable solutions in Colombia will be conducted, developing valuable relationships within the framework of the event, in order to promote a sustainable transition towards a generalized economy.

The country’s economic revitalization must be green and sustainable. Companies in Colombia are aware of this situation and we have noted the reception given to the Low Carbon Action Program. This program seeks to promote technology and knowledge transfer on issues such as waste use, renewable energy, circular economy, and energy efficiency, among others. All of these technologies are required by companies and organizations in Colombia to make a true green transition.” Comment by Omar Eduardo Ciabato Perez, LCBA Latin America Director.

More than 50 Colombian and European companies will participate in the event. Solid and liquid waste management, energy transformation, recycling, circular economy, waste use and energy generation from agricultural waste sectors will be part of this. Those who will start a conversation about Colombian technological needs, among which the following stand out:

• Techniques for generating energy through agricultural and urban waste.
• Biogas characterization and treatment technology.
• Energy-saving technologies.
• Techniques for using and handling plastics.

The initiative also extends to other Latin American countries such as Argentina, Brazil and Chile, in order to promote a sustainable transition towards a circular and low carbon economy. Supports innovation and corporate sustainability, to become a platform that creates a bridge between agents in reducing carbon footprint, through technology and knowledge transfer.

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LCBA is a platform funded and supported by the European Union, to favor technology and knowledge transfer and aims to develop value-added relationships between suppliers of low carbon technologies in the European Union and companies looking for sustainable solutions in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia. This project is also being implemented in Mexico and Canada.

Through this EU-supported programme, a green business platform is offered that allows for expansion of business opportunities and also access to the latest technologies. In addition, it provides technical and financial assistance (technical feasibility studies and financial training) and promotes innovative and sustainable projects..

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