Stop exporting oxygen and everything will be produced for medicines

They are seeking to ensure that this major resource is made available to serve the victims of the coronavirus in the middle of the second wave.

Official sources reported that this afternoon, Chief of Staff, Santiago Caveiro, led a meeting with the two ministers of health, Carla Vizotti, and Minister of Productive Development, Matthias Kolvas, with the companies supplying oxygen. At the meeting, it was decided to impose restrictions on companies to export medical oxygen.

It is they assert that the demand for oxygen is for medical use It has grown between 300 and 330 percent in recent daysWhich raised the alarm in the national government.

That is why, this afternoon, the Prime Minister, Santiago CaveiroState Minister of Health, Carla Vizotti, And her husband in production development, Matthias KolvasIn Eva Perón’s room at Casa Rosada, he met with representatives of oxygen supply companies. There, among other measures, it was agreed The government will “ban exports” as long as the health crisis continues.

“The greatest demand for oxygen is in the AMBA in addition to the treatment beds” Edico Vizotti, while explaining that the table work during today’s meeting is that “from every province and the private sector” is “rational use” of oxygen in order to respond to future demand. Additionally, they made it clear that permission must be requested in order to be able to export it. “We will give priority to the use of medical oxygen over industrial ones.”

“The message is always the same: every single measure is a grain of sand to reduce hospitalization and oxygen use at critical times. We are convinced that society is aware of the situation,” added Vizotti.

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In turn, Kulvas added: “All the oxygen produced today in Argentina has an absolute priority to supply the health system Some imports will also be made. “

“The Ministry of Internal Trade will supervise the absence of violations or speculation with this essential commodity, which is medical oxygen.”The minister added and closed: “Exports will be prevented throughout the period of emergency.”

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