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Imagine, for a moment, that below modern landscapes That we are progressing daily, in seemingly ordinary and present places, lies A puzzle of enormous proportions left Scientists staring Well, that’s exactly what’s going on in South New South WalesAnd Australiawhere is the researchers I found something surprising and baffling: a Huge underground structure that can change our perception of history Land!

The story begins with a letter Geologist named Andrew Glicksonfrom He recently wrote an article in Conversation To share your interesting discovery. Turns out they found something underneath Surface to AustraliaSomething too big to be true: a building with Amazing diameter who is up to 520 kilometers. To put it in perspective, this is more than a lot! cities And countries all!

This discovery is calledDeniliquin structure“In honor of city nearby, and there’s still a lot we don’t know about it. But what exactly is it? Well, it could be the result of a impact giant who asteroid A very long time ago. Think of it as a kind of fingerprint left by a cosmic event Incredibly strong.

How could something this huge be hidden underground all this time? Good question! Glikson gives us an interesting insight. Imagine what he does Millions of yearsa asteroid collide with Land. This creates a kind of crater sort of mountain in the middle. However, over time, this mountain can shrank and lose your height. Moreover, the movements tectonic plateswhich are like blocks puzzle affiliate Crustalthey can also create the structure buried more deep.

But how do they know Scientists That this structure is really Asteroid impact crater? This is the place certificate. By looking closely at region And study how it works Soil and rock layers covering this structure, f Scientists They came to the conclusion that A asteroid You may reach this place more than 500 million years. This is older than you can imagine!

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Deniliquin hole
Deniliquin pit. Source: FireWire

this Old influence can have mass effect In the Land. there certificate that it may have occurred around the same time as the mass extinction he is called “Late Ordovician“. this extinction ruined a lot forms of life In the Landincluding around 85% affiliate classify. It’s as if the effect was on him Domino effect In the life in our area planet!

Beside that, This discovery It also reminds us that the Land He has his own date hidden under our feet. We often only see a Surface And forget it under that thin layer of Land There is a story back to Millions of years. all rock layer And sediment one count History of past eventsand the Scientists On a mission to eliminate them Gas.

as a last resort, This discovery He doesn’t just talk about it pastbut it also shows us how much we have left to know about ourselves planet. the Land that it Giant book full of stories waiting to be read and understood. Next time you walk It seems landscapeRemember, they can be hidden under your feet Amazing secrets It can change our understanding of Earth history.

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