Some Counter-Strike 2 players seriously believe they found out its release date after a small in-game bug – Counter-Strike 2

It is known that the Valve title will be released worldwide at the end of summer, but gamers believe that it will arrive on August 24 or sooner.

There are not many lucky ones who have enjoyed Counter-Strike 2. That is why there are thousands of gamers who are eagerly waiting. Global launch from the address. However, there are already some users who want to outdo Valve itself and are looking for some clues within the game to clear their doubts.

from indoor games chanting the last tweet posted by hobshytva professional player with access to Counter-Strike 2. He showed two images of Overpass, which are Latest improved map It has been added to the beta version of the multiplayer title. The hands on the hours are indicated, and appear to “display the CS2 release date”.

This can be interpreted in two ways, it can be 5 or 24 August of the same month. It would make sense for this date to be the last, as he thinks so Counter-Strike 2 will be released to everyone at the end of summer. This season ends on September 23rd and there will still be a few more weeks to meet said launch window.

More details about Counter-Strike 2

Valve is taking steps to protect the future of competitive Counter-Strike 2. As it turns out, you want Valve Prevent Counter-Strike tournaments from looking like your top competitionRiot Games. Anyway, Steam creators are also making a lot of changes to Counter-Strike 2.

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