Six Emerald projects were presented at this week’s business conference

At the ANM Business Conference, investors from Canada, Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom and Colombia learned about small and medium-sized mining projects being implemented in the provinces of Boyaca and Cundinamarca.

Boyaca emerald is distinguished by its brilliance, transparency, color, play of light and hardness. Photo: private file

National and international exhibitors, investors and buyers of precious metals and gemstones met Thursday, May 26, at the “Emerald Business Round Table,” a virtual platform where the potential and quality of Colombian emeralds are concentrated in the eastern and western belts of the center of the country.

According to the National Agency for Mining (ANM), the organizer of the event, the mining authority is continuing its promotional strategy through International Business Roundtables, which target investors and potential buyers of mining projects in the country.

“The National Mining Agency has adopted Business Tours as a platform that facilitates bringing the Colombian supply of minerals and mining projects closer to national and international demand. These spaces help in the relationship of producers to mining projects and potential markets in order to identify new opportunities for marketing Colombian minerals or investing in projects in the country,” said the president of ANM Juan Miguel Duran.

During the business conference, important presentations were made with the Malacara, Palomas and El Tinajo mining projects in the province of Cundinamarca. Likewise, the mining offer of Geominc SA, Norcol Colombia SAS – Esmeraldas de Coscuez and CI Emerald Mart SAS of the Boyaca division were also presented.

“It is necessary to note that the projects presented to investors are valid in the National Mining Register and comply with all requirements established to carry out exploration, construction, assembly and exploitation tasks, according to their contracting stage.” He said in the statement.

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There are 1,025 valid mining deeds for this gem

Currently, ANM registers 1025 valid emerald mining bonds in the national territory and 422 applications are in process.

Colombia is currently the largest producer of high-quality emerald in the world, thanks to its hydrothermal sedimentary origin that provides it with properties such as brightness, transparency, color, play of light and optimum hardness, quality attributes that have allowed Colombian emerald to be recognized and desired by comparators in the world,” they explained in National Mining Agency.

The main areas of exploitation of this gemstone are in the provinces of Boyaca and Cundinamarca. Among the notable municipalities are Mozo, Quibama, Maríbe and San Pablo de Borbor in Boyacá, as well as Gachala and Opala in Cundinamarca.

“Colombian emeralds are today an international standard with great acceptance in the jewelry sector all over the world. Colombia is the world’s largest exporter of cut emeralds of the highest quality gemstones in the world. Therefore, the mining activity of this stone is essential for our country and regions that benefit from mining activity,” said the head of ANM.

The hydrothermal sedimentary origin of Colombian emeralds is unique in the world and is mined in the eastern and western emerald belts of the eastern Cordillera of the Andes. Western belt.

Colombian emeralds are associated with veins, hydrothermal bricas, and hydraulic bricas affecting the sedimentary successions of the Baja, Roblanca and Grupo Velita formations in the eastern belt and the Guavio and Macanal limestone formations in the western belt.

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Colombian emeralds are being exploited in underground operations with modernizations and new investments in some of the major mining projects.

“In April 2021, the Colombian Emerald Best Practices Guide was presented, which is the result of the joint work of Fedesmeraldas, the Colombian Committee on Resources and Reserves and the National Mining Agency. The purpose of the guide is to guide the exploration and appreciation of mineral resources and reserves for mining bond holders and professionals working in the emerald mining sector in Colombia”, as they identified in ANM.

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