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After nine o’clock yesterday evening the smoke arrived. In other words, Barcelona finally managed to score almost all the reinforcements to start the league. In fact, everyone except Jules Conde. With Jaume Roris’ hand activated for the fourth lever, Barcelona took a breather to adapt to the requirements of Financial Fair Play, and against Rayo Xavi Hernandez they will be able to get Lewandowski, Ravenha, Casey, Christensen and the playing team. Renewed Dembele and Sergio Roberto. Barcelona will rush to the deadline (it has up to two hours before the match, scheduled for 9:00pm) to try to score the Koundé as well, but that is by no means guaranteed.

It all started to unravel at 8 am, when the club, by surprise, sold 24.5% of its audiovisual division at Barça Studios to Orpheus Media, which is run by Roures. This operation meant a change of plans, because Barcelona was in the process of finalizing the sale of that percentage on Tuesday but not to Roures, but to the GDA Luma fund, the US-based and owned by Gabriel de Alba, president of Cirque du Soleil. This fund aroused suspicion within the board of directors, and legal problems arose when the only thing missing was the signature. The sale to Orpheus Media for 100 million euros means the formalization of the fourth crane.

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24.5% of Barça Studios sold to a company run by Jaume Roures, key

It should be remembered that on July 29, the club has already activated the third lever for another 100 million with another 24.5% sold to Socios.com.

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It was an essential step for Barcelona to speed up the registration of signings. From La Liga, it has been calculated that in addition to the fourth lever, Barcelona needs something else to fully adapt to the lever. fair play . The club, on the other hand, was told that it already had enough margin to score all players with the four cranes (the two that were promoted by Barça Studios and the two of the TV rights being transferred to the Sixth Street fund). In the end, 868 million accounts by Barcelona for all of these asset sales and transfers were submitted to register six of their seven players.

Barcelona leaves the French, and not another, because he is the last of the arrivals and because he came out of surgery

No one is ignorant that Roures, LaLiga’s partner through Mediapro, maintains a good personal relationship with the president of the Employers’ Association, Javier Tebas. The body he headed gave the green light for the process between the club and the Catalan producer in the middle of the afternoon. At that time, Roris was also involved with 30 million in ensuring that the Laporta Council needed to take office, and now he came to the rescue of the current council once again.

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At this point, one wonders why Barcelona scored everyone but Conde. From the entity it is said that he was the last of the arrivals and that the rest of the players start with a slight advantage, in addition to the ex-Sevilla centre-back having an operation on his hips this summer that prevents him from continuing. Being 100%. These two conditions leave Koundé with many votes to end up watching the match against Rayo from the stands.

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The club can already sign with the 1/1 rule; That is, for every euro that goes out, another can enter

As long as Barcelona does not generate more salary margin today. Circumstances that may occur with the departure of the player or with the change in the salaries of some football players. In the case of Gerard Pique, the proposed cut to the salary announced since the start of the week has not been made. And with Captain Sergio Busquets, it remains complicated. The club offered him a salary deferment, but pivotal terminates his contract at the end of the season. His advisors have studied Barcelona’s offer financially and legally, but positions are far apart at the moment.

With the jacks, the club is out of the extra cost limit for the sports kit LaLiga has requested, so it can actually sign under the 1/1 rule, without having to submit to the 1/4 or 1/3 rule. In other words, for every euro that goes out, another can come in. The release of the equivalent of the annual Koundé cost will be sufficient to register it.

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AME6183.  New York (USA), 7/28/2022.  - FC Barcelona President, Joan Laporta, participates in the process of establishing FC Barcelona today, in New York (USA).  EFE / Angel Colmenares

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