Simple Kate Middleton With Salmon Sweater And Jean Culotte Distressed

Despite having a wardrobe full of luxury brands at her disposal, Kate Middleton He opted for a simpler, more modest appearance during his later years within the British royal family.

wife Prince William, 39 years oldHe is a role model when it comes to combining simple and casual pieces with a luxurious finish for a special occasion.

The Duchess, since arriving in the royal family, has taught lessons on how to look stylish without too much effort / Instagram

This is further confirmed by the recent appearance that the Duchess of Cambridge used while visiting the Natural History Museum, where in order to explore and play with children, it must look comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

Kate Middleton shows how to combine culotte jeans and a salmon-colored jacket in a casual and elegant look

Kate Middleton wore a casual outfit to talk about the value of spending time on air. The future Queen of England wore a Salmon, an almost pink sweater, and culotte jeans While she was on her way to the Natural History Museum, a short drive from her home in London, Kensington Palace, to promote the museum’s urban nature project.

Working with museums and other wildlife organizations across the UK, the project aims to help people reconnect with the natural world and understand the importance of nature in towns and cities where they find practical, everyday ways to protect the planet and support wildlife.

sometime during the visit, Kate Middleton squatted on a wooden platform in the museum garden to join some schoolchildren as they learned about spiders. The Duchess made use of her comfortable clothes.

Upon leaving the museum, Kate installed an audio monitor on a cherry tree in the wildlife park. His office said it would record ambient sound to help scientists investigate the activity patterns of birds, mammals and insects in the park.

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During the visit, the Duchess revealed the “sweet” hobby that she shares with her brother

During your visit to the Natural History Museum, Kate Middleton She revealed to the children around her the hobby she had been sharing with her for years James brother And it strengthened the emotional bond between the two.

Kate brought a special gift to the local schoolchildren she met: Homemade honey from Anmer HoleNorfolk home where he enjoys country time with Prince William and his three sons: Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

James, 34, has previously opened up about his interest in beekeeping. “Many of you know I’m passionate about dogs, but not many know that I’m almost as fond of bees,” he wrote on Instagram in August 2019.

“I am fascinated by little creatures. From their swaying dance to the white queen putting her body weight into eggs daily… there is so much to be said about these humble little creatures.”

He went on to say, “For me, beekeeping is meditation. It’s a chance to escape my mind and consume something that I could go hours without knowing it. Meditation is a great tool to help relieve stress, anxiety and depression and you don’t just need to practice sitting!”

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