Maria Fernanda Caballe talks about running for president: ‘It could be an interesting exercise’

Maria Fernanda Caballe, Republican Senator from the Democratic Center. Photo: Colprensa.

The political panorama in Colombia continues to launch “bishops” to object to the residence in Casa de Nariño and it appears that The controversial Democratic Center Senator, Maria Fernanda Caballe, He will be one of the opponents of the presidential march.

This was announced by Congressman uribista in an interview with RCN radio station when she visited Barranquilla where she acceded to the wishes of one of her close friends and loyal followers, Miguel Polo Polo, He is waiting to see if he enters the ring.

Although she said she doesn’t rule out her presidential ambition, she revealed that she wants to be a Most voted senator from Colombia. In addition, he reiterated that his wish at this time is “Working to show the reality of the country, today’s threats, and the ways we can get out of this situation”, expression.

He explained on RCN radio: “If there is a possibility down this path of pre-candidacy, and I think it can become an interesting exercise, I’ll do it if people decide to.”

On the other hand, he also referred to whom he deems most chosen of Uribismo to represent them in the electoral elections the year following Ivan Duque’s succession to the presidency. According to Cabal, the person who could play a decisive role in this electoral competition is the former 2014 presidential candidate, Oscar Evan Zuluaga. But he indicated that they are waiting for the former minister to decide on his political future.

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In later sections of her interview with Radio Frequency, Maria Fernanda Caballe referred to Unfavorable 76% that President Duki has In a Social Pulse poll that was known on Tuesday, June 22nd.

On this matter, the deputy sent a harsh message to the president and told him: “This is what happens when you don’t exercise power properly, when one is too conciliatory or deceived by ‘dialogue’, you end up losing the favour of your followers and even neutral people.”

In addition, he did not miss an opportunity to point out the national strike and visit Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) To Colombia where he said not only that this body would not be objective, but that they would lean towards the citizens.

“If I’m being completely honest, I don’t expect them to be objective. The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights ended up being dominated by the South American left, and at this point the situation hasn’t changed. The senator noted that states should go into questioning how far the sovereignty should indicate.” by a third party.

Cabal has also been a trend in the last hours to support the controversial proposal to repeat the second presidential run in Peru. On June 22, the electoral authorities of that country received a special request, signed by 31 Latin American parliamentarians, dignitaries and journalists: Repeat the ballot between Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori.

For Colombia, they were senators for Democratic Center Maria Fernanda Caballe, Paula Holguin, Paloma Valencia, in addition to five other colleagues on the bench, along with the former Minister of the Interior and Justice of Colombia, Fernando London, who added their signatures in an effort to get the electoral authorities to reconsider the results that occurred on June 6.

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The letter addressed to the said authority was signed by leaders representing the Continental Right, such as MEP Hermann Tursch, as well as several legislators from Bolivia, Colombia and Guatemala.

The letter asserts in one of its sections that the said elections have acquired a dimension of the political problem of the region, given “a series of circumstances, which Including suspected fraud by 70 percent of voters, the earnest statement of former military leaders And the accusations, whether true or not, about the biased behavior of the authorities, have turned an electoral technical issue into a sensitive political problem.”

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