Seven new features that Google added to its messaging application

Google Messages exceeds one billion users and announces new features in the application (Phone Arena)

Google messages Celebrating a milestone for over 1 billion monthly active users With merging Seven characteristics Innovative solutions designed to enhance the messaging experience and encourage self-expression through the app.

Among the new features, this tool stands out, as it allows its users Android Create personalized interactions from photos using AI Google.

For example, if someone wants to respond to a text message with a photo of themselves or their pet, all they have to do is select the photo, and highlight the object they want to turn into a photo. photomoji And press send.

These creations will be saved in a special tab for reuse and as a reward for friends Group conversations They will also be able to use the Photomoji that was sent.

Photomoji, a tool that combines photos with AI-powered reactions from Google. (Google)

One of the improvements that has been integrated into Google messages It is the job Vocal moodWhich was designed with the aim of providing communication that is more expressive and closer to the feelings of the person sending the message.

That’s why this update includes it Nine different feelingsof between it hearts, fireAnd Colored paper scrapswhich allows a specific voice message to be associated with a mood, thus creating a more personalized and closer experience between sender and recipient.

Moreover, it was announced that thanks comment Obtained from users, it became possible to improve Sound quality Of these messages, which increases Bit rate and sample rate.

Screen Effects offers animations similar to those available on iPhones. (Google)

Screen effects It allows users to turn their texts into visual presentations as they write Key words how “it’s snowing” also “I love you“, Colorful and dynamic animation is activated, bringing the screen to life.

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In addition, the feature includes 15 hidden effects Which challenges users to explore and find all possible combinations to enrich their digital communications.

This tool allows users to change file colors Text bubbles and backgrounds in your conversations, thus avoiding confusion and accidentally sending messages to the wrong contact by overcoming the traditional blue and green color scheme.

Interaction effects add visual dynamics to in-app interactions. (Google)

The new job Named Reaction effectsis designed so that when you respond to a text message that includes a thumbs-up emoji, a hand clapping animation surrounding the message is activated.

This innovation seeks to increase interactivity in conversations and includes an effect of the ten popular emojis on the platform.

This provides something new The visual and emotional dimension To text messages, because they now include visual effects, they allow users to convey their feelings in a more intense and expressive way.

Unlike com. emojis These static elements add a dynamic component where simply tapping an emoji, such as a heart, can trigger an animation.

There is now the ability to customize profiles within the Google ecosystem. (Google)

Google introduced a new feature called appearanceWhich allows users to customize their name and image in the services provided by the company, as part of its strategy to improve the communication experience for its users.

In fact, the main goal of this function is to solve the problem of interaction with unregistered contacts, as in identifying people in situations such as Group conversationsas unknown numbers can cause confusion.

It is important to note that these updates are exclusive to Google messages It may not be compatible with SMS sending or other users iPhone.

Google Messages exceeds one billion users and announces new features in the application (Google)

The improvements presented respond to the evolution of the standard RCS (Rich Communications Services)supported by Google In cooperation with operators and mobile device manufacturers around the world. This protocol is an advanced alternative to SMS and MMS, offering features such as write indicators, read receipts, and end-to-end encryption.

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Currently, the search giant is encouraging users of… Android To download or update Google messages To the latest version via google play store, To enjoy these new features now available in beta.

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