Sergio Massa reveals his diplomatic agenda in the United States

Massa shows in the Final Council of the Americas

The last time he had an international presence was when former President Mauricio Macri invited him to participate in the Davos Forum in 2019. Then the current president of the House of Representatives, Sergio Massa, He lowered the profile regarding his international contacts. He didn’t abandon them, but he didn’t show them either. However, in the past year and a half She forcefully resumed her presence in international politics and rearmed her own agenda.

From his place as Speaker of Parliament and In line with what Casa Rosada is proposing, Massa began to increase his interventions in Argentine international politics within the framework of the parliamentary agenda.

So much so that Massa Held a hypothetical business meeting with the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the United States Congress, Gregory Meeks, They analyzed the strengthening of dialogue between the two legislative authorities to support the efforts being made in their countries on issues related to bilateral trade, and the creation of productive US investments in Argentina, especially in energy, oil and lithium. , And issues of regional importance such as the Organization of American States and other common challenges.

Sergio Massa and Juan Gonzalez, Biden's envoy
Sergio Massa and Juan Gonzalez, Biden’s envoy

The relationship between Masa and Democrats Mix shows an interesting political affinity and a shared vision of how the world functions today. It also strengthens the personal bond created by both numbers, “sources close to Tigre Man explained.

In the talks, they even promised to travel to see which neighborhoods each individual belongs to, because the US lawmaker is from Harlem even though he represents Queens in New York. This meeting will have a date from then Massa will travel to Washington, DC at the end of May to meet President Biden’s advisor for Latin America, Juan Gonzalez, and then head to New York.

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Meeks will have a preview of what the area Masa lives in has been like since soon At his home in Rincon de Milberg, Juan Gonzalez received an envoy of Joseph Biden, his special advisor for Latin America.

The strong man regarding the White House policy of Latin America went to eat a barbecue at Masa’s house and between Empanadas, meat, charas, wine and tales, the Speaker of the House of Representatives clarified Argentina’s position on paying debts with the International Monetary Fund and Casa Rosada’s determination to get more vaccinations.

President of the Argentine House of Representatives, Sergio Massa, speaks with members of the IMF mission in Argentina Julie Cusack, Luis Cubido, Trevor Allen, and Argentina's representative to the IMF, Sergio Choudos, in the National Congress.
President of the Argentine House of Representatives, Sergio Massa, speaks with members of the IMF mission in Argentina Julie Cusack, Luis Cubido, Trevor Allen, and Argentina’s representative to the IMF, Sergio Choudos, in the National Congress.

Although Massa has his own intentions for the future, he has never hidden his desire to compete for the presidency of the nation, but he also realizes that his future today is linked to Alberto Fernandez who is doing well. An analyst often repeats when talking about Massa: “A successful speaker of the House of Representatives in a government that fails is like nothing.”

This is where the head of the Renewal Front, which has been practicing this parliamentary diplomacy for a long time, plays in.

It is not only dedicated to political communication but also to business people. The Speaker of the House of Representatives introduced himself On March 9th, in front of the Council of the Americas, maintaining this balance as it enjoys self-government but is part of government.

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At that meeting, Massa sent optimistic messages to the private sector and repeated the slogans often used by Economy Minister Martin Guzmán regarding the multiple causation of inflation. At the time, it surprised everyone since it announced that Argentina would grow 7% this year, and it was the first time that the government had officially indicated that growth would be roughly two points above official expectations. This number was later confirmed by Guzmán. Again, he marked aganda with entrepreneurs, but in keeping with Casa Rosada.

In general, when it comes to economic speech, Massa reiterates to businessmen and politicians abroad that Alberto Fernandez wants to pay the fund and that what needs to be discussed is how to do it.

He told them the same thing in November 2020 between restrictions and pandemic He had a secret meeting in the Honorary Hall of the Presidency of the House of Representatives with an IMF delegation. It was around this time that Massa met Deputy Director of the Western Hemisphere Division Julie Cusack. The head of the IMF’s mission in Argentina, Luis Copedo, and the resident representative of the International Monetary Fund in Argentina, Trevor Allen.

Between soccer jerseys, coffee and water, the head of the Renovador Front reminded them that he had warned them that the agreement signed with Mauricio Macri was not going to work and that Argentina now needed to grow in order to push.

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