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While most Devices waiting for Android 12 update The latest Google launch Android 12 for For the next quarter, see how leaks Android 13Which means that its development version may also arrive earlier this year.

If we saw that yesterday Android 13 would have allowed to change the language of apps Now we see shots From this and other news XDA Developers Published exclusively.

This is the first Android 13 news

A source from XDA Developers has access to the file Very early version of Android 13 To first let us know about the next big update to Google’s mobile operating system. The source is reliable, because it was he who gave us the first details of Android 12 and Android 12.1 (Android 12L) in the past. In particular they Four new features leaked for Android 13which is next:

Application languages

The first novelty is the one that was leaked yesterday, but today it does it with the first screenshots, confirming all its details. in settings Languages ​​and text input The new option will appear in Android 13 Application languages. There we can change the language of each app in case we want to show texts in a language other than the system language.

From Application information We will also have access to the setting language. Like To change the language directly from this section. With what in Android 13 we can change the language of the application from two sections.

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Application languages

Runtime permission for notifications

Runtime Permissions

A new permission is coming to Android 13, and it will be Notices. It seems that in the next version of Android, the user will have to give permission that the app can send notifications to the user. Currently, all apps can send notifications by default and the user must block them. With Android 13, this will be the opposite.

Android resource economy


Android resource economy, or TARE for short, will focus on managing power usage on the device through the developer feature. In the absence of documentation, its operation is unknown but it seems that the developers will be able to put limits on the number of tasks depending on the battery level of the Save resources.


Clock lock screen designs

finally, Android 13 It will allow you to customize the lock screen clock. In Android 12 by default it shows a large clock when there are no notifications and a small clock when there are. In Android 13, it can be configured to always display the small clock.

Android 13 Clock

via | XDA Developers

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