Why are various media urged to uninstall Google Chrome from Android devices?


November 9, 2021 00:04 GMT

The media hype began after cybersecurity expert Tommy Misk warned that a browser “app” was allowing websites to access user accelerometer data.

Recently, in some media, including the magazine ForbesSeveral articles have appeared urging to remove Google Chrome from mobile phones. This Monday, the gate PhoneArena Dispel users’ doubts and explain the reasons for the media hype.

The calls to uninstall the browser app came after cybersecurity researcher Tommy Misk warned in an article in late October that Chrome Share by default Accelerometer data (used to orientate the device) of Android device users with the websites they visit. Also, in a previous article, the expert had already issued a similar warning regarding iPhone apps.

In view of this circumstance, Mysk has attached a video showing how to disable this data sharing function without removing the web browser.

PhotoArena endorsed the specialist’s recommendation, stating that the accelerometer is used by “various mobile applications, and that the worst offender is Facebook and its satellite messaging apps“.

To deactivate the function, simply open Google Chrome and go to “Settings” and then to “Site settings” and “Motion sensors”, where you can block access to accelerometer data on the web.

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