A new blow to Covid in China

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the Beijing 2022 Winter OlympicsAs was the case with the Tokyo 2020 event, they are affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Data in Chinese territory has put Asian authorities on alert despite being far from the numbers that have been calculated Europe. However, the harshness in the face of the health crisis has led to many restrictions with the aim, among other things, of starting the Olympic event in February in the best conditions. Now, when it seemed that no more problems could arise, heavy losses in the event were confirmed.

the NHLThe ice hockey league, which is considered the best in the world, has responded to the increasing injuries among the players in its competition in the worst way China: Occupies the part of the calendar dedicated to the Olympic Games. In recent days, the organization had to postpone several meetings due to the emergence of “Omicron” cases. The only solution that was reached was to hold those meetings in February. A measure that would lead teams to ban their stars from attending Beijing 2022.

Statement by National Hockey League It was clear: although the organization “respects and admires the players’ desire to represent their countries”, there was no other choice but to make it “impossible to continue despite efforts”. “NHL players will not participate in the Beijing 2022 Olympics COVID-19 After it was postponed up to 50 games.

The decision was controversial, as it was agreed to participate in Beijing 2022 and also in the 2026 event in negotiations between the group of players and the league itself after 2018, in games Pyeongchang, they were not allowed to play. For this reason, the NHL stressed that the decision was made as late as possible. That amount at stake is about $5,000 million, the amount the NHL has set as revenue numbers for this season that should bring back pre-pandemic data.

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boycott crisis

The 2022 Winter Olympics could be historic. And not just because of the panorama related to the pandemic or because of withdrawals like the NHL withdrawal, but because of Diplomatic boycott which have been announced by different countries and which many countries can still join before the start of recruitment next February. The United States opened the embargo on the attack on China and immediately after that other powers such as Australia or the United Kingdom joined.

The coup by the United States will not affect the athletes, as the various athletes will be allowed, as the Biden administration has emphasized, to compete to impose the years of work that have passed recently. However, no political representative will attend as a form of protest against the violation of human rights and freedoms in different regions of the Asian giant. Some complaints thatKasu Bing ShuaiNow surrounded by unknowns by changing the tennis player’s version.

The United States announced that the province and United Kingdom and Australia They followed in his footsteps. Now there is great suspicion in Europe, because the countries that make up the union have not yet spoken. Spain, regarding its position, will take the same position as its European partners. The discussion has yet to take place and it is not known what role they will play, but until that happens, the IOC is trying to maintain the sport as the main champion of the event. China, for its part, announced a backlash against those who sided with the boycott.

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