Science Week begins in Zamora

The High School Maria de Molina Yesterday he was in charge of initiating the activities programmed at the 9th edition of the Innovation in Science Teaching and Learning Conference – popularly known as Science Week – organized by the Program District of the Provincial Directorate of Education, in collaboration with CFI Zamora and Benavente.

Educational centers tended to implement this new version, which combines face to face with virtual communication, which favors science week Reaches all schools and institutes of the province. In this way, fourth-year ESO students at IES María de Molina developed four experiments related to the greenhouse effect in one of the Institute’s laboratories in front of 550 fifth and sixth graders, under the supervision of their teachers. Physics and Chemistrywith whom they were organizing these practices to teach fellows the consequences of the human hand on the planet in a very visual way.

Physics and chemistry teachers explain one of today’s experiments. | I monk

Regional Education Manager, Ferdinand PradaSeveral weeks ago, I sent a message to all educational centers in the governorate in which these days were announced and participation in this initiative, which was born from European Union“through which science is sought, Research and the Cooperat Citizens of all countries.” This celebration aims to ensure the participation of the community in scientific knowledge And its practical applications, in this way research is supported, and debates open about new challenges and the limits of science.

value science

with the aim of “valuing” science education and scientific knowledge, many centers were encouraged to organize various Workshops To show other classmates relevant aspects of topics such as RecyclingThe I usuallyThe climate plank energyalways on the thematic axis chosen for this course: Climate change.

Science Week at Maria de Molina School Emilio Friar

On the first day of this educational week, also participate as a speaker Ferdinand II College De Benavente, who linked his interpretations of his proposal, entitled “An Experiment on the Greenhouse Effect and Recycling”, with about three hundred participants.


The IES . work university With “Earth… The Great Unknown” and CRA Via de la Plata With suggestive “1, 2, 3, surprise!” They will be the heroes of today’s day, for third year ESO and early childhood education students. The Tabbara CRAThe School of San Vicente de Paúl and the Institutes of Benaventa philip the lion s salty They were also involved in preparing the experiments, with proposals for “Reforesta_accion” or “Climate Change Roulette”. They will also be responsible for concluding this ninth edition in which science becomes the protagonist in a more active and participatory way.

The program is completed with two workshops that will be taught to teachers in CFIE from Zamora and Benavente On Global Warming and Astronomy for Educators.

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