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The storm left the Movistar Estudiantes without a field when its “La Nevera” flag collapsed. In search of an alternative to the young players, Club de Madrid installed “Cupovit”, a portable gym in a recycled container, designed by the Spanish businessmen who inspired the beaches of California (USA).

What it looks like, and what is, a container for the transportation of goods, has become a mobile sporting facility thanks to the idea of ​​a group of Spanish businessmen who noticed that many California beaches had containers of this type to store physical exercise machines for athletes.

“There they take the machines, put them in the middle of the beach and do the exercise. We led him to the idea of ​​a physical exercise without machines, with dumbbells and other items,” Jesus Casarobius, Head of Expansion and Development at Cubofit, explains to EFE.

This Andalusian company owns 24 containers of this type spread in different parts of Spain, contracted by both sports clubs and municipalities or universities that use them to promote outdoor physical exercise.

A portable and ‘completely sustainable’ gym, not only because the container already has one or more uses for transporting goods – Cubofit managers receive containers from various Spanish ports – but because it is fitted with solar panels that feed the electrical system needs, LED lights, stereos, and even some Plugs.

“Some of the containers have very strange stories: They were manufactured in Australia, they traveled to the port of Algeciras, and they might end up like a gymnasium in Madrid,” says Casarobius.

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The company called Movistar Estudiantes through the father of one of the young players. Jesus Martin, Director of Marketing for the College Team, explained to EFE: “He thought it would be a good opportunity to help the club when we didn’t have the new winger.”

“The outdoor gym concept without any installation and maintenance is a good option to cover the basic needs of the 2,000 players in our quarry. In addition, it contributes to sustainability, as it is recycled,” he adds. Student manager.

Each container – there are three sizes, from 20 feet open doors can spawn a 12-meter gymnasium, to the smallest and grouped for limited spaces – equipped with various elements of physical exercise and a plan of activities they design in the sports chairs at the universities of Almeria and Granada, depending on the type The audience for whom it is chosen: young people, families, pregnant women or the elderly.

“We are working with municipalities to revitalize the parks and beaches areas,” explains the president of Kopovit, which already has agreements with several municipalities in different parts of the Spanish geography, while others are installed at the initiative of personal trainers who contact the administration.

Several militaries have also shown interest in it, including the Spaniards, who need portable gyms to travel to international missions and high-profile clubs, according to the company.

“We are negotiating with some first-class clubs that see in Kubovit the possibility of occupying the dead spots in their sporting cities and as equipment for their quarries,” said Casarobius.

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This Spanish company aims to reach 100 units in the national territory, but does not neglect the international expansion: it has signed agreements to deploy containers in Mexico, Peru and the Dominican Republic, and proposals from other countries, such as Finland, Serbia, Russia, Poland and Japan.

In this growth path, Movistar Estudiantes is an important poison. “It is a quarry team, of young and legendary national basketball,” they stand out in the Andalusian Company.

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