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new science law, Who finished part of his long and tortuous process last week, keeps moving forward, tweaking by tweak, committee by committee. And he will return to Congress next Thursday with a series of changes reminding that Research is becoming increasingly necessary.

The new law is not only concerned with necessary medicine and biology. Perhaps by the time they finish their studies, the students with the best grades will be in EBAUwhich according to some will perpetrate fruitless indifference to the study of the classics or to teaching, can silence many mouths and Engage in research in its various fields, They may associate their acquaintances with other disciplines that we do not even suspect, and they may see themselves as being protected and respected.

Science, like the humanities, is not limited to scrutinizing the future and anticipating tomorrow. It also decodes the past, fixes it in templates or models, studies language and thought, They now understand what was unknown only a decade ago. The law guaranteeing indefinite contracts to researchers and technicians may seem like it provides parrot chocolate: in fact, it provides a cage, seeds for the birds, shelter and a path to fly.

The new law takes this a step further, it distances us from volunteering

Museums, laboratories, shopping malls, cars, archives, supermarkets, libraries and schools need constant innovation, professional people working without the sword of Damocles, with the dignity that excellence must give. The new law takes this a step further, it distances us from volunteering And short-term investments, bricks and tourism: in spite of these too, what a contradiction he needs, more and more researchers.

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