Ronaldo, intimate: He admitted that he suffered from depression and trauma at the airports and what happened in the 1998 France final.

Ronaldo won the World Cup twice and won the Ballon d’Or twice (Reuters / Violeta Santos Moura).

Despite injuries, which became a kind of karma throughout his career, Ronaldo He became one of the most important football players in the history of football. As part of “The Phenomenon: Ronaldo’s Rise, Fall and Salvation”, a documentary produced by DAZN, the Brazilian recalled his time in the sport and gave details of his mental health.

In an interview with Marca newspaper, Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima admitted that he suffers from depression. “yes, Today I do the treatment. It’s been two and a half years and I understand a lot better even what I felt before. But hey, I’m from a generation where you were dumped in the sand and had to do your best without the slightest chance of drama. I look back and I see that yes, we were put under very, very, very unprepared psychological pressure. And also because it was the beginning of the internet age, with the speed with which information travels. In this period there was no kind of concern for the mental health of the players.”

“Today they are much more prepared, they are given the necessary medical attention even to face every day and the players are studied more: the features of each of them, how they react, how they should react … At the time, there was no such thing, unfortunately because it was known for life that football can cause a lot of stress and be very crucial for the rest of life.The former Barcelona, ​​Inter, Real Madrid and Milan warned

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The two-time Ballon d’Or winner (1997 and 2002) also added, “The truth is we didn’t even know that this kind of problem existed. This topic has been completely ignored among our generation. It’s clear that many have gone through hard times, even depression, due to the lack of privacy, And the lack of freedom… It is true that the problems were very obvious, but the solutions were not easily available.”

In a conversation with As, for his part, the one who originated from Cruzeiro, the entity he currently owns (also Valladolid of Spain), delved into the trauma he experienced at airports: “I always carry it with me. The airport is the place in the world where I feel very vulnerable. I’ve been able to be known all over the world, so I’m still a little shocked, but well, being with people, whenever I can, is what I love the most. True, it was crazy at first. And when I played, we weren’t very protected either… The truth is they just threw us out there in the middle of the people. Now yes, years later, we seek solutions to escape the crowd.”

When asked what the documentary Unknown would have to say, he explained: “Many unpublished stories will appear and you will like it. Above all there is a lot of drama. Since the final of the World Cup France 98 with what happened all day until we got to the stadium … the match, the beating that we beat On him France… At that time, when I thought things were going to get better, they later got aggravated by injuries…”

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“I went to nap as usual before every game and woke up shortly after surrounded by everyone in my room…there they already told me what had happened to me. The famous bout didn’t scare me because I was thinking about the final and I wanted to play it. We were very careful when we went to the hospital for all of the The checks needed to be calm. Once any health issue was ruled out, I ran to the stadium. I wanted to play… It was the World Cup final! I’d love to miss it!”, he admitted.

On the other hand, Ronaldo, world champion in the USA 1994, Korea and Japan 2002, gave his candidates for Qatar 2022: “Brazil will always be the favorite, wherever he is. With the talent we have we must be champions. It is true that the Europeans were playing very good football. Dynamic, attractive and aggressive.There will be a classic and historical competition between Europeans and South America.Brazil and Argentina represent our continent, South America, very well, but the Europeans have been playing and winning the World Cup since 2006…It would be great.France, Germany, Spain, Brazil Argentina…, but I will not make any request. I will put all these together with great chances of victory.”

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