Nacho Vigalondo’s first great movie arrives on Netflix

This weekend, several highly motivating catalog novelties arrive Netflix, but I thought it appropriate to highlight a film above everything else. I’m referring to “The Timecrimes”, which is the first great movie written by Nacho Vigalundo Almost no one saw it when it was shown in Spanish cinemas over 14 years ago.

Why is it worth returning?

True, “Los Cronocrímenes” did not have a very wide spread in the theaters of our country either, but was preceded by applause at many festivals. it’s a He only gave it until 48000 spectators went through the box office in our countryMany of you may not have seen it yet.

‘The Timecrimes’ stands out above all for the text written by Vigalondo himself, a new show Good talents and ideas will always be an unbeatable base for building a great business. In fact, this allows him to take a fresh and clever approach to the topic of time travel and constantly surprise the viewer without sacrificing credibility.

It is true that the film would have appreciated that there were more mediums and that in this type of story there will always be those who focus more on looking for but – where the most obvious is the focus on wanting to know how it all began – rather than letting go, but the truth is that “time crimes” Get hooked on puzzle posesalways keeps you entertained and that casual touch of one of the stellar sci-fi resources works for you.

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In addition, the cast more than comply, especially a Kara Elegaldi This modifies his interpretation as both his character and the viewer become aware of what is happening. Perhaps it is the character that Vigalondo himself embodies that can be dissonant, but one stops to think about it, this situation is not strange either.

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We hope that this access to Netflix will make the movie more popular More recognition outside our country than in Spain. By the way, if you are not subscribed to this platform, you can also see it in two movies.

In Espinov:

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