WhatsApp: eight secret functions that will change the way you use the app

The WhatsApp It is without a doubt the most used messaging app in the world. more than 2.5 billion users On a global scale, the application Goal It is the first choice for connecting with friends and family and even as a business tool in work environments.

Since its appearance in 2009, the app has evolved from a simple program for sending text messages to a real communication platform. However, many of his missionNew, not many Unknown to most of its users.

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These tools that have passed the testing stages and are now available to everyone, Facilitate interaction In-app and Improved security and privacy options. In addition, many other people work Change the appearance and style of conversations.

These WhatsApp functions will help you improve your experience in the app. (Photo: Adobe Stock).

Let’s see 10 secret functions of WhatsApp:

WhatsApp in dark mode: How to activate it

Like many other apps, the leading messaging app also has the . extension The ability to change the wallpaper For those who are sensitive to light and light colors or prefer to speak in dark colors. To activate it, you must go to Settings ► Chats ► Appearance. There you can change the theme to Dark.

WhatsApp dark mode
WhatsApp dark mode

Data privacy: How to hide your photo, online status, and last connection time

If you don’t want anyone to know When was the last time you called the app-You can hide this information. The same with your profile picture and online status (recommended to avoid impatient interlocutors). To do this, you will have to go to Settings ► Account ► Privacy. There you will see options Hide your data.

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Blue check: step by step to deactivate it

This WhatsApp function does not detect whether you are reading a message or not. upon activation, The application will not change the color of the accents, which will remain the original grey. It is activated from Settings ► Account ► Privacy ► Read confirmation.

WhatsApp privacy options.  (TN Techno Capture)
WhatsApp privacy options. (TN Techno Capture)

Look at the messages being sent to WhatsApp without your contacts knowing that you have read them

This is possible Thanks to widget From WhatsApp on Android. It can be added to your cell phone screen and when messages arrive you can read them from there and It will never be marked as read to those who sent them.

How to protect the use of the application on your mobile phone with a fingerprint

This security measure works so that no one but you can access the conversations within WhatsApp. It can be activated from Settings, Account, Privacy, Fingerprint Lock.

Avoid being added to unwanted groups

Perhaps one of the most unknown WhatsApp functions is within the privacy options. There, in one step you can Determine and decide Who is authorized to add you to a group: your contacts, only some of them, or no one.

Who can add to groups on WhatsApp.  (TN Techno Capture)
Who can add to groups on WhatsApp. (TN Techno Capture)

Learn how to design your messages

The texts and words you send in your messages don’t have to be flat and boring. whatsapp has Trick to highlight it or style chats. Activation is very easy: you just have to do it Enter a simple code before and after the words that you want to send in bold, strikethrough, or italic. Here we share the key:

  • To send in bold, enter an asterisk Before and after each word or phrase if you type *hello*, the other person will greet you
  • Welcome. If instead of an asterisk you type an underscore it will make the words italic ► If you type _hello_ the other person will receiveWelcome
  • .
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Finally, to get the strikethrough effect, the ~ character must be written before and after the phrase or word. I also read:

Changes in WhatsApp: say goodbye to profile picture and discover new features of the application

How to send audios in “hands free” mode Not everyone knows the hands-free function of sending audio on WhatsApp. To do this you just have to Pull the green button with the microphone up.

The option will be activated immediately and you will be able to talk without touching the screen of the cell phone.

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