River drew the first friendly match of 2024 against. United State


Coach Martin Demichelis' team tied 2 to 2 in an informal dress rehearsal, with one team in the first half and another in the second half.

© River PressRiver played the first friendly match of the year in which five young players participated.

River football began semi-officially in 2024, with Demichelis' team drawing 2-2 in its first unofficial friendly match in the United States. They are two different 45-minute matches with different teams. Waiting for the stadiums that will be played next week against Monterrey, Mexico. The millionaire faces the United States national team in a match that is not televised but in which the starting lineup is known, and there is already the first piece of information: the chart suggests a line of 3.

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The coach chose the following names for the first team for the entire season: Franco Armani Andres Herrera, Leandro Gonzalez Pérez, Daniel Zabala; Matthias Kranvetter, Agustín Palavicino, Ignacio Fernández; Manuel Lanzini; Gonzalo Martinez, Ian Sobiabre and Agustín Roberto.

At the end of the first half, River had defeated the United States national team thanks to a goal scored by Nacho Fernandez, after a pass to the middle after passing Andres Herrera. The match saw only one change, which was the entry of Franco Mastantuono instead of Ian Subiabre.

River v. United States. (Photo: River Press).

This is how River looked in the second half against the United States

In the second half or second friendly, the River team will be formed with other players. The team stopped by Demichelis is: Ezequiel Centurion; Santiago Simón, Paulo Diaz, David Martinez, Enzo Diaz; Rodrigo Aleandro and Nicolas Fonseca; Franco Mastantono, Esquiel Barco; Facundo Coledio and Miguel Borja. This is perhaps something more similar to a starting eleven.

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They tied with River in the second half of the friendly match

The second friendly half for River in the United States against the local team ended in a 2-2 draw. Demichelis' side were winning with the first team for the first 45 minutes, but the second stage was action-packed. Joshua Atencio and Smith Arriagner turned the story in the opposition's favour, while Miguel Borja put up the final numbers to level the scores.

What scheme did Martin Demichelis use in his first team of the year?

To face the United States National Team, Martin Demichelis got creative with the scheme when assembling the formation and Use a 3-3-1-3 formation. It is a drawing in which a line consists of three defenders, one of whom is a full-back (Andrés Herrera) and the other is a young man who can adapt as a second defender or eventually a left-back (Daniel Zabala).

Nacho scored the goal in the first friendly match. (Photo: River Press).

On the other hand, given the confirmed absence not only of Enzo Perez, but of another Cino like Bruno Zuculini, Matthias Kranvetter took his position in midfield, flanked by Agustín Pallavicino., who knew how to play Double Five at some point. We move to the next line, Manuel Lanzini presented himself as the loose midfielder, the archetypal impediment, floating between the midfielders and the three strikers.

The River striker with two young players at the club

The latest big news in the squad is the inclusion of Ian Subiabre and Agustín Roberto, both 17-year-old strikers who have not even played in friendly matches for Millonario.. In that striker, the reference that has accompanied them is Gonzalo Martinez, who has already declared that he wants to be the only player in the club's history to win the Copa Libertadores three times.

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