Guanajuato’s Adelitas won in Canada in the boxing championship

The Adelitas de Guanajuato returned from Canada after victories and proudly represented Mexico abroad


Canada.- After months of sacrifices and preparation both to get back in shape and raise funds for the trip, this past weekend the Guanajuato boxing team Adelitas Participated in West Coast Wonder Woman 2022Although the balance was between victories and defeats, the young athletes celebrated the opportunity and experience of competing at an international level.

In an interview with Newspaper mailBoxer and promoter Laura Leyva proudly stated that the stand of the eleven Guanajuato fighters and one Aguascalientes who fought in Vancouver was enough to make the trip worthwhile.

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“They did a very good job. It was a tournament they fought in but it was not an easy elimination, which means that even if they lose they can fight again the next day, there were even those who fought three times and won all three times. I really think they won. We are all at some point in the tournament, but the coolest thing about the tournament is that there were wins and losses, but the attitude of the girls, their pride, is what distinguished and defined the Mexican team.”it states.

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The West Coast Wonder Woman 2022 It’s a competition open to any woman who wants to box, whether professional or just amateur, so I’ve stayed in every fight more than just a contest for a title, win or defeat.

However, Laura confirmed that the Mexican team competed against top-level competitors from Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. And as if that weren’t enough, they bring victories and lessons that make them proud of their first international experience outside of Mexico.

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“The competition was with Canada, the United States and Great Britain, and although they lost some fights, they did not lose so easily, the girls let go, they boxed very well and did very well. I feel proud that we often say: Mexico Always loses Mexico always tries and stays No, there were victories here, and what was lost was lost with dignity, a fight until the last minute. The Canadian Olympic champion went on to acknowledge the work of Derek Celine Vera; He told her that she was his strongest competitor in his entire career, so imagine the feeling, ” subscriber.

Also, if there is one thing that distinguishes the Mexican team, it is the sportsmanship and camaraderie they have shown in competition.

“We received many compliments for the girls’ behaviour, because they were very friendly, and shared a lot of things with the other competitors. And what I loved was that they see Mexico so many times as if we were criminals or aggressive people.”; But what the team really conveyed was friendship, camaraderie, pride, dignity and understanding, and that is priceless.”.

Even boxer Diana Gaso from the capital of Guanajuato won recognition for her proactive stance and support for all fighters.

“They paid tribute to Diana Jasso for her enthusiasm and support for all corners of who was. That’s why they gave him special recognition.” Laura reveals.

Having finished competing in Canada, the Adelitas are now preparing for new international challenges. The safest is the local competition they will host in January 2023; But they also prepare tours for Spain And maybe back to Canadabut across the country to Montreal.

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“We are talking, there are many proposals, and they want it everywhere, but we will have to organize time and money so that they can fulfill all their commitments. At the moment, all those who attended this tournament are invited to San Miguel in January, to participate in our international tournament, where We hope that Canada and other countries will receive. We are talking, there is an invitation to the other side of Canada, to Montreal, talk about November is difficult but possible, and Spain is still standing. Las Adelitas has a very broad agenda.”

Finally, in tears, Laura Leyva reaffirms her pride and satisfaction to represent Mexico and Guanajuato internationally. Rather, she hopes, these victories will allow Team Adelitas to become a role model for hundreds of girls and young boxers from all over Guanajuato.

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“I am so proud of the work they all did, the hosts were really great, the girls left with double bags of many gifts; they were happy, and what they told me was their life was special, and today they have a new story to tell. We hope to inspire and motivate generations The story is just beginning for them, a lot of things are coming and it’s pending, because they are going to give a lot to talk about”, is over.

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