He surprised his mother after living abroad for six years and impressed everyone on social networks

In a video clip shared on social media Tik Tokthe user @com. viggafootball He uploaded part of the meeting with his family afterward Six years without seeing each other.

The clip shows the moment when the young man decided to disguise himself as a waiter in a restaurant where his mother was with other family members. Dressed in a suit and with a tray of food, he approached the place where the celebration was being held to put the finishing touches on the long-awaited reunion.

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When the young man serves her, during the first seconds she cannot decipher his identity, so she does not react. After a short time, she watched him in disbelief: He can't contain his emotions when he realizes that his son is actually by his side..

The woman decides to grab him by the head and They both merge in an embrace that goes beyond the screen and moves the emotions of all netizens. Who watched the moment on the short video social network.

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For this part, Those present at the scene reacted with applause. To celebrate the union between mother and son.

The young man decided to share the moment virtually, and in the comments he added the context of the meeting: “After 6 long years I was able to hug you again, momIn addition, he explained that at that time he had immigrated to Peru and that he returned to his country of origin for the first time to carry out the surprise.

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The video quickly went viral and received more than a million views. With over 25,000 likes, users left hundreds of comments letting him know they celebrated the family being together again. “I'm dry from crying,” “My mother left almost 20 years ago and it wasn’t her decision.” “Sometimes I cry and remember how special he was.” “My passion is crying for people I don’t know. “Blessings” and “How beautiful is the meeting between mother and son. It made me cry with joy. There is nothing more beautiful than the love between parents and children,” were some of them.

He surprised his mother after living abroad for six years and impressed everyone on social networks (Video: Tiktok/@viggafootball)

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