Retro RPG cut out next week

Once again, we have two free games on the Epic Games Store with the addition of a boost from the Metro saga.

It’s already Thursday, which means it’s time to top up our library of computers with an free games What is provided Epic Games Store. As usual, the platform offers one or two titles each week that can be downloaded for free, provided they are obtained within the specified seven-day period. A way to ensure that we always have something pending we make time for.

The first games offered by the service are For the kingA strategy game based on its development based on a turn-based combat system that includes Procedural elements. Each game is unique as it includes its own maps, missions, and events. A business that can be explored individually, but also in company thanks to his local or online collaboration.

Metro Last Light joined the promotion at the last minuteAlthough not announced at first, this week we have two free games in promo again with arrival Last Light Redux MetroThe second installment of the saga is based on Dmitry Glogovsky’s novels that follow the post-apocalyptic plot. Implemented by Artyom, Who must face dangers, both humans and terrifying creatures, in a first-person action looks at 60 frames per second in this release.

The Epic Games Store has also announced the game, which we can get for free starting next Thursday. It comes to b Halcyon 6, A vintage style RPG strategy game that includes tactical combat, crew management and a storyline that promises to be trapped in the saddle.

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Finally, we remind you that Epic Games Store recently published digital store statistics in 2020 and It hides many interesting facts, like what They were given a total of 103 games that add up to $ 2,407.

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