The day has come: Android and Windows users will be able to make FaceTime calls, here we show them

FILE – In this Jan 29, 2019 file photo, the icon for the FaceTime app is shown in Karst, Germany. EFE / Sasha Steinbach / Archive

Apple surprised all its users with several updates that it included in its hardware catalog in 2021. And so, in addition to showing off new equipment at Apple’s event, California Streaming, this year The company founded by Steve Jobs decided to “spoil” people who already had one of their computers hoping to keep it, and why not, to take them to buy one of their new computers.

An example would be to include a function that iPhone, iPad, or Mac users as well as Android or Windows device users have waited for a long time: The ability to make a FaceTime video call without having to have an Apple product.

For months, the company has been talking about this new feature which of course breaks a paradigm in the way Apple relates to its direct competitors. Just as Microsoft has opened up about changes in its relationship with its commercial “enemies” by opening “stands” for Apple and Android apps in the Microsoft Store, With the FaceTime update, the “apple sting” company has also taken a 180-degree turn in this competition.

In this way, with the help of the new iOS 15, it will no longer be necessary for all participants in a FaceTime call to have an iPhone for example; The only requirement is that the person acting as the video conference host start using an Apple device. Otherwise, your meeting colleagues can connect through either Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, any other Android device, or on any Windows PC.

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Before pointing out step by step how users without an Apple product can interfere with a FaceTime call, it should be noted that this new process is not achieved by downloading an app (Apple has not gone this far), but rather the entire call on a link that the host will send From his devices to his guests.

Knowing this information, you just have to follow the guide provided by Infobae below:

1. Open the app from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac confrontation time.

2. Select option Create link and press this button.

3. Immediately a screen will appear that will slide down from the bottom saying FaceTime link. Enter the name of the chat in add a name.

4. Likewise, a series of options will appear where you can share the meeting link, either through email, Twitter, text messages, calendar or other apps. However, if you wish, you can simply click on copy This way send the link to your clipboard and share it externally.

5. push the button join To enter the call and wait for the other participants.

1. After your contact with an Apple product sends you the link to the already created conversation, you’ll just have to open it from your Android or Windows device.

2. Now you have to select your favorite mobile or desktop browser, enter its name and click Complete.

3. Finally, it remains to wait for the host to give you access to the meeting and thus enjoy this new experience.

It must be remembered that although this process can be carried out without having to submit an application, Apple confirmed that this does not mean that calls are not end-to-end encrypted; So privacy will still be safe even with this option.

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