Requirements for employment in Canada that pay 30,000 pesos per month

Job offers are highly desirable today, given the increasing growth High inflation and economic difficulties for Mexican companiesThis is the reason why some Mexicans do not rule out moving Canada To be used in any of the activities that require labour.

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Thus, a company based in a North American country is looking for a file A worker in an oyster factory performing various activities in the provinces of Quebec, New Brunswick and Newfoundland.

The job consists of Fish cleaning and unloading, product loading and unloading, freezing, packagingas the main activities to perform with a salary of nearly 30 thousand pesos per month.

Among the requirements being considered for a vacancy in a seafood factory, education level up to high school, two years of experience, Valid passportCertificate of Studies, Letters of Work Experience, Proof of Address, INE, CURP, as well as ability to handle and treat oysters.

Job offer schedule in Canada from 9:00 am to 6:00 pmwhere some functions are considered such as “checking and recording the sensory qualities of marine products”, “unloading and loading shellfish, mollusks and/or fish from trailers or fishing boats”, as well as “cleaning and adjusting machinery used in clean work areas to maintain hygiene and health standards.” “

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What advantages does working in Canada offer?

According to the job offer posted on the Employment Portal of the Department of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS), among the job benefits listed in the offer are: Overtime pay, health insurance and benefits according to the Canadian province.

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The vacancy closes on the 3rd of next October, so those interested have until this date to apply.

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