Rego, James, Mariana and Nairo lead the sports business boom

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For the Copa America, pre-season, and the Olympics, athletes are on everyone’s lips today, but in addition to their accomplishments in their disciplines, they provide business news with store openings, expansion plans, and a foray into international businesses.

Many also use their companies to influence social issues, and today it can be said that there is a boom in entrepreneurship led by figures such as footballers James Rodriguez, Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, Juan Fernando Quintero and cyclists Nairo. Quintana, Rigoberto Oran; And Mariana Pagon.

Quintana, winner of the Tour of Spain and Giro d’Italia, has opened the first sporting goods store located in the Paseo Villa del Río shopping center, south of Bogota.

The Cairo store occupies an area of ​​more than 400 square meters and contains a café and a museum. In addition to accessories and spare parts, it has a workshop to provide technical service for bicycles.

“I want to be able to offer quality products and services for all budgets. It has always been my dream to be close to people and I turn it into a reality,” added Al Faris, who provides 40 direct jobs and 200 indirect jobs.

Quintana admitted that Rigoberto Uran advised him in many ways to make the decision to do so, because in 2014, with the help of his family, he started producing T-shirts and now has more than 100 products in Go Rigo Go. a store!

“In 2021 we bring in a very good sales performance, where we expect to grow 80% more compared to 2020. During this year, we have consolidated an operation with 10 specialty stores in Colombia, one in Costa Rica and one in Ecuador, distributed in more than ten countries and we will open Soon our first US store is in Miami.” uranium.

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The latest silver medalist at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Mariana Pagon, is a partner of Agustin Castro and Matteo Sierra, who founded the Power Club lounges in 2011, of which there are currently five locations in Medellin and one in Bogotá.

This format is directed at two approaches: the first focuses on semi-personal functional training. The second, boxing combined with functional training.

Additionally, spokespeople for the brand told LR that the process is going well and that they are diversifying their existing lines of business.

In the case of footballers, Cuadrado entered the textile business in 2013 with the launch of 100% jeans in Colombia, and although based in Medellin, he owns several distributors and leads the Juan Cuadrado store.

After becoming the protagonist in Brazil 2014, Rodríguez also started with 10Gold, a beverage brand with products such as mineral water and stimulants; While Quintero has opened Kingtero barber shops in the country and others abroad.

Added to these works is the role of athletes as representatives of brands ranging from automobiles to food.

Artists who also decided to do

Singer Andres Cepeda started a project known as Islamorada, and it is now one of the most famous gastronomic establishments in Cundinamarca. Similarly, El Gaira Café was founded in 2009 by brothers Carlos and Guillermo Vives, and features spaces for music, theater and the arts.

For his part, J Balvin became the first Latin singer to collaborate with the Nike brand with Air Jordan 1 x J Balvin, and currently continues his line of clothing, accessories, and even toys.

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