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The Covid-19 pandemic has unleashed a complex series of changes in habits that have profoundly affected the population’s physical and mental health: 53% did less physical exercise, 61% gained weight and 67% admitted they had trouble sleeping. These numbers come from the report Stress in America 2020: a national mental health crisis From the American Psychological Association (APA); The data was collected in the United States, but roughly describes what happened across the Western world.

In this context, the enormous contribution that regular physical exercise makes to quality of life has been demonstrated. The prestigious Mayo Clinic in the United States mentions among its benefits: weight control, improved mood, increased energy, improved sleep, and increased enthusiasm in sexual life.

In light of all this information, we can say that there is social consensus on at least one point: exercise is a good thing. But, does it matter if someone — especially sedentary — chooses to exercise at home, after a YouTube video, or in a box alone, to start an exercise program with the advice of a professional?

The truth is no. We have ample scientific evidence that exercising on your own is no more important than doing it with professional advice. This is evidenced by numerous scientific studies that have compared the results obtained by people who exercise alone, with those of others who exercise in a directed way.


This is why today’s gyms, gyms and fitness studios, with the easing of restrictions, benefit from the greater awareness that has occurred among the population regarding the importance of health care achieved through the adoption of healthy habits such as regular exercise.

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This is reflected in the fact that more than 50% of the people who come to join the gym today are new users, and they have no previous experiences in other fitness centers. They are individuals determined to improve their lifestyle, but know that they need someone to help them manage their – not always simple – relationship with physical exercise.

Fitness and gym professionals are actors in the preventative health system, they are not just recreational centers. They can be excellent allies for the state in the fight against this disease and other epidemics – such as obesity and a sedentary lifestyle – that cause millions of deaths annually and cost the health system a lot of money.

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